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  1. Eric Lopez

    I do not have the “Calendar event invites by email” option in zoho mail settings. Is there anything I have to do to get this option? I already have a Zoho CRM Plus account integrated with my Zoho Mail account.

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Eric,

      This seems to be an unusual problem. Our technical experts are looking into the problem and will contact you for further clarifications.

  2. LN

    Now if you can figure out how to make sure that half of what ends up in my inbox isn’t actually SPAM … daily I would say that over 30% of what gets through is SPAM … I might be able to use my email more productively.

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey LN,

      It is embarrassing to receive this comment. We are continuously working on improving our spam algorithms to make sure this doesn’t happen. Please write to so we’ll be able to personally help you with this issue.

  3. Babar

    Dear Sir,
    we are using zoho mail server for our mails .we have issues to send bulk emails by putting emails ids in “BCC ” so please guide me how we can resolve this issue
    your immediate response will be highly appreciated

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Babar,

      Zoho Mail is prominently a business emailing solution. In case your necessity is to send out bulk emails, we suggest you use Zoho Campaigns. 🙂

  4. Tarek Wanas

    Hi Mary,

    Fantastic new additions to mail!

    When will we be able to have Zoho mail, and calendar set as the default email client and Zoho calendar like Gmail and outlook? Also, when will one calendar be associated with all the applications rather than having each application have its own calendar?

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Tarek,

      Thanks for your kind words. We are glad that you like our new additions. Zoho Mail calendar supports sync between few Zoho apps’ calendars viz Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, and Zoho Task calendars. You can find these sync options in the Calendar section of Zoho Mail Settings, under Zoho Apps.There is also an option to subscribe to Zoho Projects calendar, where you can only view the changes made in your Zoho Projects calendar.

      Hope I have provided some clarification. If not, feel free to ask further.

  5. nadine anderson

    how do I open a zip file that someone has e-mail to me?

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Nadine,

      You can download the Zip files sent as attachments in your emails and open them in your system’s default viewer 🙂

  6. Gillian Deane

    is there an automated reload/refresh setting? I don’t seem to get new emails unless I hit refresh. thanks

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Gillian,
      In Zoho Mail, you need not refresh/reload to get new emails. New emails are automatically updated in the UI based on your view. In case you are having problems with that, we request you to write to to help you out.

  7. Pat Conarro

    Thanks Mary, Tell all those coders great job. Pat

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Pat,

      Glad that you liked them all! We’ll surely pass on your compliments to our development team 🙂

  8. stephanie

    Did you consider creating a short video for these updates? It is really tedious reading all of this new info some of which may not apply. Videos get to the point fast

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Stephanie,

      Thanks for taking your time to leave your feedback here. We’ve provided a shorter preview for all of our features in our What’s New page.

      We will be adding video tutorials for the new features shortly.

  9. Jose

    Hey Guys, when is a email “snooze” option coming? its the main reason I don’t use the webmail that often

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Jose,

      We do not have any immediate plans to support email snooze in Zoho Mail. However, we will definitely add it to our roadmap. Meanwhile, you can make use of our email reminders option which will remind you to check out the emails at a time specified by you based on the conditions set.

  10. Agustin VArgas

    I´m trying to find the way to recive confirmation mail reciving. How can I do it?

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Agustin,

      We are a little unclear on your request mentioned here, can you please elaborate for us to help you out? You can also contact for further assistance 🙂

      • Antony

        I believe Agustin is looking for return read receipts for some sent emails. Read receipts are pretty useless because the receiver can choose whether to send them or not in a configuration setting. GMail consumer accounts do not offer it, but their business account does from what I read elsewhere. Hope this helps.

  11. T

    Before adding extras to Zoho mail, perhaps you should fix what’s currently broken – namely the Inbox message display not showing the full date. Also, when I mark an email as spam, it should be deleted, not sent to yet another folder where I have to go to select & delete it again.

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey T,

      We are not sure what you mean by the inbox message not displaying the full date. Please attach a screenshot of your issue and write a feedback using the feedback icon on the bottom right corner of your mailbox for us to get further clarification on this and help you out.

      As for the Spam not being deleted directly, it is the norm in all email services to send the emails marked as spam to the spam folder so that the emails marked as spam by mistake is not immediately deleted and inaccessible to the user. The emails in the spam folder are deleted automatically after 30 days 🙂

  12. Zara

    Hi. Are all these features available for free users? If so, how do I make them ‘active’?

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Zara,

      Except the Zoho CRM calendar feature, all other features mentioned in this blog are available for free users 🙂

  13. Reuben

    How do I turn on the email add-on so that I can select a default calendar?

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Reuben,

      Please follow these steps to set up your email add-on:
      1. Go to the Settings menu in your Zoho CRM account and select the ‘Email’ option under Channels section
      2. Select Get started to configure your Zoho Mail account
      3. Choose your existing Zoho mail account by clicking on it
      4. Set email sharing permissions and click Save.

      To set your default calendar to save your event invites:
      1. Navigate to Settings in Zoho Mail
      2. Click on ‘Calendar event invites by email’ card
      3. Select your preferred Calendar to save your event invites by email.

      I hope this helps. For further assistance contact

  14. George Pagan

    my email screen is not showing the “log off / logout ” option and just pops back into the email account without signing in…. what do I do to get the logout to come back.

    • Mary Infantina

      Hi George,

      Click on your Display picture in the top right corner of your mailbox and select ‘Signout’. I Hope this helps, please contact for further assistance.

  15. Stephen Lalla

    Awesome as love the new features.

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Stephen,

      We are glad you like our new features, keep using Zoho Mail 🙂

  16. Brian

    I like that new sticky notes idea. Nice.

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Brian,

      We are happy that you like our new feature. Keep using Zoho Mail!

  17. Leng Xiong

    I like the new feature “Email Snippet”. Cool!

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Leng Xiong,

      We are glad you like email snippets. Keep using Zoho Mail 🙂

  18. jw

    looking great!
    Now please proceed with the horizontal split preview screen option 🙂

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey jw,

      Thank you for your kind words. We do not have plans to support horizontal split preview in the near future.

  19. Ontemo

    it rocks…

  20. Larry

    The sticky notes introduction is really a nice initiative. Thanks for providing us with a powerful e-mail service. it has being very helpful to my blog

  21. J C Reddy

    Hi Team,

    Its nice to see this updates, but my sincere advice is most of the common features which we used earlier on Gmail were not being supported for the better usability.

    You can reach me on my mobile number to know the complexities/difficulties which we are facing.

    Reach me on +91 – 92476 00000

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey J C Reddy,

      We are sorry for your inconvenience. Since we are unable to understand the exact nature of your problem, our support team will contact you to guide you further.

    • Peter Wills

      The ability to tab separate individual emails gives Zoho a big plus over Gmail in my view and I have been and remain a long time user of both Zoho and Gmail. The newly added features push it further ahead of Gmail for me anyway.

      • Mary Infantina

        Hey Peter,

        Thank you for your kind words 🙂 We are glad that Zoho worked for you.

  22. Howard Matthews

    The one improvement above all others that is needed in Zoho Mail is still awaited.
    Tick an email to mark it as read,
    Tick it again to flag it,
    Tick it a third time to move it.
    It is tedious and time-consuming to have to do this
    Mails remain ticked with other providers, why not Zoho?

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Howard,

      We are sorry for your inconvenience. Since we are unable to understand the exact nature of your problem, we request you to drop us an email at to guide you further.

  23. Fernando


  24. Kleyton de Paula

    Amo fazer parte desta família, aqui realmente me sinto Hi Tech

    • Mary Infantina

      Obrigado Kleyton 🙂

  25. Tomasz Nowicki

    Great features. Thank you!

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Tomasz,

      We are glad you like our new features. Keep using Zoho mail.

  26. BeccaB

    Where as how to include read receipts in send out emails

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey Becca,

      Please refer to this Help page to include read receipts in your emails. For further assistance contact 🙂

  27. David

    Appreciate the effort you put in updates to Zoho mail. There are some features we would love to see!
    1. Please Update the Search algo! So that we can find what we are looking for.
    2. Shared Mailbox (let teams work together better. The streams are not an option)

    • Mary Infantina

      Hey David,

      Thank you for your kind words. We are in the last stage of testing a new way to easily search and find your emails using multiple parameters.
      2. In Streams, if you have email enabled groups, you can use it as a Shared Inbox. Apart from that, we are working on certain features in Shared folders, which will help you collaborate with your team more effectively.
      We will keep you posted on the updates.