The 15 features you shouldn’t miss in Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail turns 15 years old this week. Time flies when you’re constantly striving to be better and make customers happier. Now would be as good a time as any to delve into 15 features in Zoho Mail that you simply cannot miss.

Without further ado, let's uncover these features from the point of view of John, a hypothetical business owner, as he discovers how Zoho Mail can help him scale his business.

John: A short bio

John Doe is a busy entrepreneur. Most of his days revolve around back-to-back meetings, client calls, cups of coffee, and lots of emails. For him, email is the communication hub that keeps his business connected and running smoothly.

Slowly but surely, his emails began to hinder his efficiency. His inbox was overrun with spam, phishing, and unwanted promotional emails. Sifting through them was time-consuming.

John said "enough is enough" and decided to combat this inefficiency. His answer was to switch to an email service that caters to his demanding needs.

He made the leap to Zoho Mail, and first on his itinerary was migrating data from his old email provider. Usually, email migration is a daunting task that includes jumping through a lot of technical hoops.

Migration made easy with Zoho Mail 

But with Zoho Mail, that wasn't the story at all. John was able to shift all of his data from his previous email provider to Mail easily. With the flexibility to migrate using IMAP or POP protocols, John can choose what's best for him.

In just one click, all of his email data was transferred to Zoho Mail. Now, John can go back to his emailing—in a more focused, secure, and organized inbox.

Now that John has made the decision to switch from his old email provider to Zoho Mail, let's look at some other goodies from Zoho Mail waiting to greet him.

A suite of apps with Zoho Trident

John can harness the full capabilities of his OS for Zoho Mail with Zoho Trident, a native app that delivers a swift and secure user experience.  

Trident is a comprehensive email solution with robust security to boot. It supports multiple accounts to enhance the ease of email management for John. Another feature of Trident that cannot be overlooked is encryption at rest. This protects John’s valuable data from unauthorized access.

Trident also comes with a suite of features, such as Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes, in one location. This suite made sure that John was up and running right away.

John can now stay on top of his day and make time for important things.

John's job involves collaborating with a lot of different teams on a regular basis. With email being the most popular means of communication for most businesses, John was looking for something nuanced within an email platform for enhanced communication.

Collaborative elements: streams, sharing email drafts 

Enter Streams, the collaborative, social media-style feature from Zoho Mail. Now there are fewer confusing email threads and more reactive messaging.

Streams paved the way for John and his team to come together, ideate, land on a plan, and execute it. The messages are highly interactive, and include reactions. This means that everyone can get in on the action and feel involved.

Zoho Mail also gives you the ability to share email drafts with others to get comments and approval. This means that any critical emails are sent for John's approval before sending.

Attachments: Preview, share, and upload

With Zoho Mail, John will never face the dreaded "The files you are trying to attach exceed the total attachment limit" message while sending a huge attachment. Whenever John receives an attachment, he can use the preview option to get a gist of what that attachment is all about without downloading it.

Using the attachment viewer feature, he can also share it quickly and effortlessly. Because the attachment viewer sorts every attachment based on the file type, John finds that sifting between them is easier.  

Now that John is entrenched in Zoho Mail for the majority of his business communication needs, he needs to look after the security side of things, too.  

Security, TFA, and email policies to the rescue 

Zoho Mail has the security aspect covered. With a privacy-first approach, Zoho Mail facilitates a secure emailing experience for John. With security features like TFA, highly secure data centers, a plethora of effective spam filters, and much more, rest assured that what belongs to John stays with John.

The ability to set email policies as an admin gives him complete control over the email users in his organization. He can set privileges, restrictions, and roles to ensure a safe emailing experience for everyone. With granular control over each detail, John can rest easy knowing that his email is as secure as it can be.

Filters and advanced search 

Now that his security is in safe hands with Zoho Mail, John turns to the filters option to sort his inbox automatically as he receives emails. He can set up rules for how emails should behave if they match a certain condition.

What if John wants to find a useful piece of information sent to him? This is where the advanced search feature of Zoho Mail shines. John can simply head to the "search" section on the top-right side of the Mail screen and search away.

John uses other applications too, such as Asana for project management, Evernote for note-taking, and Zoom for his video conferencing needs. To bring it all together in a single place for optimal productivity, Zoho Mail paved the way.

Integrations for ease of workflow 

Zoho Mail plays well with a number of other popular applications in the form of e-widgets and integrations. John can configure this inside Zoho Mail and access it from there instantly.

If he wants to convert an email into a task, he has the option of adding it to Asana. All important emails he receives can be contextually converted into notes and added to Evernote. These integrations usher in a whole new way for John to approach his emails. He can effectively multitask without hopping between multiple tabs, which reduces productivity.

Zia to the rescue—literally! 

Just as John is about to head into a meeting, he receives a huge email packed with information. It’s an important email with the subject line "Important email: Need reply ASAP!" from his boss.

With Zia and its AI capabilities, John can easily summarize the contents of that email in a jiffy. Zia goes even further by helping him draft a response email in less than a minute. With this powerful ally by his side, John can wave goodbye to the countless hours he spent manually going through each email trying to identify the key points and important information. Zia does it for him.

John recently rolled out a new feature for his product. He’s been getting a lot of customer emails regarding that—both feedback and complaints. This made his inbox overflow. But with Zia, he can just sit back and let it do all of the heavy lifting.

But could he simplify this even further? What if he doesn't even have to open his inbox, but it will still look squeaky clean? Zoho Mail has just the feature for this.

Mailbox delegation 

Zoho Mail comes with a nifty feature called mailbox delegation. This is the email equivalent of asking others to do a solid for you. John might consider this feature the best thing that has ever happened since the invention of fire. He can simply assign delegates to his inbox who can respond, reply, or archive emails on his behalf.

John will still maintain control over his inbox on an admin level with different levels of permissions he can set while delegating.

While mailbox delegation takes care of generic emails that don't necessarily warrant a reply from John, there are certain emails that require his input, and perhaps a professional touch, too.

Creating a custom signature 

John can create a custom email signature that includes his designation, his company name, his contact information, social media handles, and more. By adding links to his company website, he can increase exposure for his business.

An email signature also introduces John to the recipient, helps create a professional touch, and makes his business more visible to prospects and potential customers alike.

RTL interface 

John has people working from different parts of the world. This includes a workforce located all the way from Alaska and Norway to the MEA region. To make sure that his employees from the MEA region feel right at home, Zoho Mail comes with native right-to-left (RTL) interface support.

John recently hired a new marketer to take care of promotional activities in the France region. Zoho Mail is a proficient polyglot and can make anybody feel at home.

Change themes 

John enjoys giving his house a makeover and keeps it looking fresh. It’s also scientifically proven that different colors can directly impact people’s mood, and John is no different.

In Zoho Mail, John can give his interface a fresh look and tailor it to his taste.

Depending on how he’s feeling, John can toggle between dark mode and light mode. Whenever he's burning the midnight oil, to reduce the strain on his eyes, he can enable dark mode. When he's feeling bright and chirpy, he can roll with the light theme.

There’s also an option to change the interface’s accent color. John uses this nifty feature to differentiate between his email accounts.

Zoho Mail speaks your language 

Zoho Mail speaks many languages and does it with fluency. Zoho Mail supports a whopping 73 languages, making it one of the most inclusive email clients out there.

That new marketer in France doesn't have to put up with the default language setting, they can change it to French. This helps with marketing activities because they can communicate with prospects in their locality without any language barriers.

No internet? No problem! 

John is travelling to France for a marketing event. While he’s on the flight, he has no access to the internet—in other words, he has no access to his emails. But Zoho Mail still comes in clutch with its Offline Access feature.

Instead of just sitting with his thoughts and whiling away the flight time, he uses the offline email feature and catches up on important emails he might've missed. He can reply to emails, check his inbox, and compose new emails. As soon as he reaches a place with WiFi, all of these changes will be synced to the cloud.

Now, not even a lack of internet access can come between him and his need to crush some emails.

Out-of-office auto-reply configuration 

After a hectic day filled with meetings, pounding on his keyboard to achieve that much-coveted "inbox zero," and lots of deep-work blocks, John finally feels like he needs a break. But the thing about emails is, they don't know when you’re on holiday.

Zoho Mail comes in clutch here. John can easily set up an automatic reply for his email account to send a custom message to whoever emails him while he’s on holiday. He can make sure that even if important people email him on his day off, they get a proper response with relevant contact information.

John can also schedule out-of-office messages while he's taking a sick leave, out on business trips, or during a product release when he can't commit to checking emails. This feature gives him a breather away from the stormy seas of navigating his inbox.

 In a nutshell  

Within the last 15 years, Zoho Mail has come a long way. With the addition of new features, it is only getting better. To get the most out of your Zoho Mail experience, give the above 15 features a try.


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