Announcing Zoholics US 2024 in Austin, Texas

Zoholics US 2024

Each year we strive to bring Zoholics, our annual flagship conference, to new heights. This year we're offering 12 tracks and 100+ sessions, workshops and in-depth content, and more opportunities to meet technical staff, partners, and Zoho leadership in order to make Zoholics 2024 our biggest and best yet!

Join us June 5th & 6th 2024 in Austin, Texas for a friendly and informative experience where you and your business can learn and grow. 

Register for Zoholics Austin 2024 today!

At Zoholics we welcome everyone, whether you're a Zoho newcomer, a long-time user, or just curious about the value Zoho can bring to your organization. Zoholics is known for it's complementary half-hour 1-on-1s, it's opportunities to meet like-minded Zoho users, and it's comprehensive lineup of product sessions. In 2024 we'll have even more for you to enjoy.

12 Tracks. 100+ Sessions.

In 2024 we will have 5x the amount of product sessions and 6x the number of tracks than years prior. The 12 tracks will be separated by product suite and cover the following topics: Sales, Marketing, Service, Finance, HR, Team Communication, Developers tools, and more. Product sessions are lead by Zoho experts. Each session gives you the opportunity to learn about new solutions and capabilities that can drive performance in your organization.

New Workshops

For the first time at our US Zoholics event, we are offering 3 one-and-a-half day workshops. These workshops include: a Zoho CRM workshop, a Zoho Books/Finance workshop, and an Advanced Skills workshop that will focus on custom functions and business intelligence. 

Zoholics Workshops will take place during Zoholics 2024, starting in the second half of Day 1, and ending at the end of Day 2. The goal of a workshop is to give you guided, step-by-step instruction so you can learn how to use and implement particular applications and capabilities in your Zoho deployment after the conference. Workshop attendees will be provided with a demo account so they can follow along with the instructor and learn new skills in real time. To ensure that you can ask questions and receive adequate instruction, each workshop will be limited to 50 seats.

Since space is limited, workshop attendees will be required to purchase a ticket for the particular workshop they plan to attend. This ticket will include access to the the rest of the Zoholics event and include a complimentary half-hour 1-on-1 with a Zoho expert to get particular questions answered. Get your ticket to a workshop today.

Complementary 1-on-1s

The 30 minute 1-on-1 you get with the purchase of a Zoholics ticket is a longtime favorite of attendees, and they're back for Zoholics 2024. 1-on-1s are a great way to sit down with a Zoho expert in-person and get your specific questions answered. If we are unable to address the issue within the half hour, we will follow up after the event to ensure you have received the information you need.

If you feel 30 minutes isn't enough time, we're offering hour long 1-on-1s with a virtual 1-on-1 follow-up. This extended service 1-on-1 is available at an extra cost and is discussed below.

Hour Long 1-on-1s with Post-Zoholics Follow-Up

We know 1-on-1s are one of the best parts of Zoholics, and we want attendees to get the most out of their time with us. For the first time at a US Zoholics, we will be offering 1-on-1s longer than 30 minutes with the purchase of a GA Plus Ticket. A GA Plus Ticket gets you one hour long 1-on-1, and an additional hour long virtual follow up within 6 months of the event. This gives you two whole hours to meet with our technical staff to answer your current and future specific questions.

Expo Hall

We're excited to be bringing back the Expo Hall in Zoholics 2024. This was a popular aspect of our 2019 Zoholics in Austin. In the Expo Hall you will be able to meet Zoho Partners and 3rd party vendors, network with other users, and attend informative sessions at our Expo Stage.

Zoho Partners are an important part of the Zoho world and help many customers achieve tremendous value with Zoho. Zoho Partners provide training on Zoho products, create custom solutions, and much more.

3rd party vendors play a crucial role in the Zoho ecosystem. They provide important functionality that enables customers to build the best solution for their needs. Zoholics is a great place to meet these vendors to learn what integrations are available, and what successes they have delivered to customers.

Experience Center

The Expo Hall will also feature our new Experience Center. The Experience Center is a concept we have experimented with for a few years. The Experience Center is staffed by product managers and experts from a wide variety of our product teams. Get your questions answered, watch a demo, talk about roadmaps, and provide direct feedback on our products to the great people who make them.

See you in Austin on June 5th and 6th, 2024

We can't wait to see you in Austin for a friendly and informative experience where you and your business can learn and grow. To learn more, see the agenda, or register, check out our webpage here. For questions, please refer to the site FAQ, or email us at

We hope to see you at Zoholics 2024!


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