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Hosting meetings can be quite a challenge, especially when they're online or in a hybrid environment. Anyone who has conducted online meetings for a remote or hybrid team knows the struggle: there's always someone joining late or facing connectivity issues. While there's no magic wand to eliminate these challenges instantly, Zoho Cliq offers helpful features to reduce their impact. 

Challenges faced in hosting online meetings

Hosting online meetings comes with its fair share of challenges. Some of the most prevalent issues include:

Misused or misunderstood technology

Misunderstanding, not knowing a platform's full potential, or misusing it can significantly hinder how meetings are hosted. Organizers may struggle to engage the audience, and attendees might not be able to participate fully because they don't know how to use all the available features.

Distractions during a meeting

We've all found ourselves getting distracted during online meetings, and it's important to remember that your participants experience the same challenge of staying focused when you're hosting a meeting. When people get distracted or become disengaged, it can lead to misunderstandings, ineffective decisions, and frustration. 

Lack of accountability and poor facilitation

Without a way to keep participants accountable for remaining focused during online meetings, they might multitask or drift off unnoticed. Issues also arise when people engage in overlapping conversations or fall into silence. Without a clear, focused agenda and effective discussion facilitation, participants may feel lost.

Lack of visual cues

When visual cues are missing in a meeting, conversations can become stilted and ineffective. Online meeting hosts often struggle to read the room and direct the conversation effectively, leading to hesitation, uncertainty, and declining participation. 

Background noise

Background noise can be highly disruptive during online meetings. Distracting noises divert attention from collaborative discussions and can also cause attendees to miss critical information, reducing the overall effectiveness and productivity of the session.

How Zoho Cliq can help

Keep it simple with Cliq's intuitive UI

Knowing how to use all the features of your communication software is the key to hosting effective online meetings. Zoho Cliq's intuitive user interface ensures that you can use the platform to its full potential to facilitate better meetings. Cliq enables easy access to advanced functions while keeping things simple for the user.

Revisit critical details of a meeting by recording it

Record and save your online meetings with Zoho Cliq's recording feature. It's perfect for revisiting critical decisions, updating people who couldn't attend a meeting, or keeping records for compliance—ensuring nothing gets overlooked or lost.

Attend meetings on your TV

Join meetings on a bigger screen with Cliq for TV, the all-new Android TV app. Not only can you attend live meetings but you can also revisit past recordings directly on your TV.

Get real-time feedback from participants through gestures

Zoho Cliq provides a wide range of expressive gestures you can use while hosting or attending online meetings. These gestures act as visual cues, supporting clear communication and making virtual interactions more effective and engaging.

Enhance communication with active noise cancellation

Cliq's active noise cancellation helps ensure that your meetings remain distraction-free. Say goodbye to constant muting and unmuting as your team tries to squeeze in their comments and be heard over external noises. With this feature, everyone's voices can be heard clearly, ensuring a productive meeting environment.

Connect to meetings from anywhere

There's a certain comfort in setting up a physical conference room: Once you have a table and chairs, it feels like all the meeting logistics are settled. However, attendees must still battle traffic, conflicting schedules, and other obstacles to get there on time. Online meetings with Zoho Cliq offer the flexibility to connect from anywhere, ensuring everyone can quickly and easily connect to the session using any device. 

Cliq Rooms for hybrid teams

Cliq Rooms bridges the gap between in-office and remote teams. Employees in the office can meet face-to-face and use a conference room's TV to connect with remote workers who join online. This way, everyone is connected for maximum interaction and engagement.

To put it briefly

While Zoho Cliq can significantly enhance the online meeting experience, technology can't replace a good facilitator. To get the best results from your online meetings, ensure you follow other best practices, like scheduling sessions at convenient times for your participants, assigning specific roles to participants beforehand, and clearly assigning follow-up tasks. By combining the power of Cliq with these strategies, you're well-equipped to host successful and efficient online meetings.


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