Zoholics in 2020 (February - June): Bigger and better 

2020 marks the start of a new decade, 24 years of Zoho serving businesses of all shapes and sizes, and 10 years of Zoholics events. And to continue with what we do best, we’ve lined up bigger and better versions of our exclusive user conference—Zoholics!

To our past attendees, we hope you’re planning to join us again to learn from the best minds in the industry and network with your peers. For the new folks who are wondering what our user conference offers, here’s a look at how Zoholics came to be and what it stands for today.

Our progress over the years 

With our commitment to delivering world-class products across industries, we set about on a journey to meet our customers personally, to better understand their needs—and thus came Zoholics, our first user conference.

With almost a decade of hosting events across the globe, we’ve learned a lot about putting on a successful conference. Zoholics now stands as an event filled with leadership talks, product releases and updates, panel discussions, special training sessions, and our signature one-on-one meetings with Zoho experts.

For our one-on-one sessions, Zoho flies in a diverse lineup of insiders from marketing, business development, engineering, and product management, to help you get personalized solutions and meet the people behind the products you’re using.

At Zoholics 2019, we had a total of over 2700 formal and informal one-on-one sessions! And the event has evolved into a great networking hub, with people from all walks of business coming to be a part of the conference.

Zoholics‘ next six months 

New year, new locations

We’re coming to 3 new cities this year—starting with Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on February 16th, followed by Cairo, Egypt on February 19th, and Tel Aviv, Israel on March 18!

March and April

We’re beginning March in two places—Vietnam and Dubai on the 9th, with Dubai continuing on to March 10th. Then we’re going to meet you in Malaysia on March 11th and Thailand on March 13th. After this, the next conference is our flagship event in Austin, Texas from April 28-30th.

Our Austin event is our biggest of the year, and set to be our biggest ever! It spans three days, with loads of product presentations, thought leadership sessions from industry leaders, and eye-opening talks by Zoho visionaries like Chief Evangelist, Raju Vegesna, Chief Strategy Officer, Vijay Sundaram, and President, Raj Sabhlok. And the icing on the cake is the keynote from our CEO and co-founder, Sridhar Vembu!

May and June  

We kickstart May with conferences in the A/NZ region—Australia on May 11-12th, and New Zealand on May 15th. And once we wrap up these dates, we’re heading to LATAM and Europe!

Our LATAM conferences are in Colombia on May 19-20th, followed by Mexico on May 28-29th. At around the same time, our European conferences will be taking off. We’re coming to Germany on May 19th, followed by Italy on May 21st. And after that we’re meeting you in the UK on May 27-28th, bringing a close to our events for the month.

Finally, June starts off with a conference in the Netherlands on June 2nd, followed by Spain on June 4th, and France on June 9th.

And that’s our wrap up of Zoholics for the first half of 2020!

We’re excited to meet you all, and would love to hear about your past Zoholics experiences in the comments below.


2 Replies to Zoholics in 2020 (February - June): Bigger and better 

  1. We have 3 people who would like to attend the Austin session. There is pricing shown for 3+ people at $449 but that calculates as a total of $1347. I am confused since the regular pricing is shown as $399/person or $1197 total What am I missing?

    1. Hello David, The 3+ at $449 is the pricing for CRM Advanced Workshop and Certification on April 30 - May 1. This also includes access to entire Zoholics conference from April 28-30. Now the regular tickets at $399 are for the Zoholics conference and does not include the CRM certification. If you would like to attend the Zoholics conference as a group of 3, then we would be happy to provide you with a group discount. Drop in an email to us at zoholics(at)zohocorp(dot)com for further details!

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