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ChatGPT and Generative AI have become ubiquitous in the business landscape—and for good reason. AI can compose emails, create summaries, answer tickets, curate social media posts and do a lot more. Naturally, most businesses want to harness these capabilities to enhance their customer experience and productivity. When the power of OpenAI is introduced to an ecosystem as broad as Zoho, the benefits are multifold.

How does this integration work?   

We're combining ChatGPT with Zia's existing AI capabilities to support the best possible outcomes for your business. ChatGPT has been designed to understand and respond to human language in order to generate more readable and contextually appropriate responses to user requests.

Here are some examples of what this integration can do for you:

  • Create content based on provided keywords

  • Summarise long-form content

  • Identify content tone

  • Perform sentiment analysis

  • Rephrase content with grammatical improvements

  • Enhance titles and headings

  • Create relevant replies to text inputs

  • Retrieve contextually relevant content

To get started, simply bring your existing OpenAI API key into the Zoho ecosystem and start using ChatGPT within various Zoho products. Please note that this integration is available only in our US data centers.

Here's an overview of the possibilities of OpenAI within the Zoho ecosystem: 

Zoho CRM     

Better customer emails:

Email is still one of the most important channels for customer communication. Powered by ChatGPT, Zia can generate complete emails from scratch, or improve existing email content by removing grammatical errors, refining the language, and polishing the tone. You can even ask Zia to find relevant information and insert it directly into your email.

Simplified customer information management:

Extract and summarize important information from any customer record. Leverage the information in your CRM, and across the internet, to learn more about any customer data field using the Explore function. Improve the way you manage customer notes by asking Zia to summarize and update them as needed.

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Zoho Desk  

Improved resolution times:

Agents typically understand and assimilate long incoming tickets by converting them into precise and accurate summaries. This helps save time and expedite responses, so customers receive prompt attention, leading to improved happiness ratings. What's more, relevant articles are automatically fetched from the knowledge base, consolidated into relevant messages, and presented as replies.

Tone recognition for incoming tickets:

Every day, agents deal with customers experiencing a wide range of emotions. Powered by ChatGPT, Zia recognizes and conveys the tone of incoming tickets. This can help service teams respond with empathy and be more proactive in responding to the needs of customers.

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Zoho Social

Create engaging content in a matter of seconds

It can be challenging to come up with fresh post ideas and produce the necessary content, particularly when you manage multiple brands. Zia's integration with OpenAI speeds up your social media processes by creating, editing, and structuring content—whether it's a Twitter thread or an Instagram caption—based on the keywords and questions you provide. Zia's generative AI features also helps you add appropriate images, hashtags, and emojis to your content to convey your message more effectively, expand your reach, and encourage engagement.

Reiterate and regenerate to refine your content:

Zia gives you new content each time you press the Regenerate button, so you can edit your content until you're completely happy with the result. To optimize your AI-produced content with Zia, you can revisit and switch between each generated response. Thanks to this functionality, you can quickly create exciting content, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

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Zoho Mail

Effortlessly generate email content:

Do you know what to say, but you're not sure how to say it best? Let Zia craft email messages or responses for you in just a few seconds. All you have to do is summarize the email's subject, and Zia will do the rest. You don't have to settle for Zia's first version—you can generate as many versions as you'd like, change the tone of the content to formal, informal, friendly, or persuasive, and even shorten or elaborate the generated content to perfect your message.

Get the gist of your emails—instantly:

If you don't have the time or patience to read through a long email, or if you just want to review the most important points, we've got you covered. Zia provides a crisp and quick summary of your emails, highlights the key takeaways, and prompts your next steps, if any.   

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Zoho Assist

Auto-generate chat suggestions:

Technicians can ask Zia, powered by OpenAI, to auto-generate chat suggestions based on the initial conversation they have with a customer. They can also get suggestions for analyzing or troubleshooting issues during remote sessions. Zia can even help technicians with auto-completing their sentences and can regenerate responses to meet their needs.

Provide session summaries:

Zia, powered by OpenAI, can analyze all the actions performed by a technician during a remote session and generate a summary of all significant actions taken. All actions performed during a remote session are captured by the session audit logs in Zoho Assist. Zia analyzes these audit logs and generates a session summary that can be kept for future reference.

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Zoho SalesIQ

Conversation Summary

To understand the context of a chat or a call, agents usually need to read the entire chat transcript or listen to the call recording, which can be time consuming and tedious. With the integration between ChatGPT and Zia, agents can get a quick summary of the entire chat transcript/call with succinct bullet points. This helps save the agent's time and makes it easier for them to understand the problem.

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Zoho Notebook

Ask Zia to generate anything you want:

Zia can lend you a hand in penning down quick notes and creating checklists for your ongoing project tasks. Let Zia write code snippets for your website and insert customized tables into your research papers. Create your own templates for tracking your monthly expenses or calculating your daily productive work hours. Add a touch of creativity to your notes, by asking Zia to generate pictures for your write-ups. She can even help you create your own innovative notebook covers. Ask Zia for anything, and see what she can do!

Enhance your writing with Zia's Note Assistance:

Write better and more confidently with Zia's help. Whatever you're writing, whether it's a long article or short passage, you can smoothly summarize the content or make it more elaborate, improve your writing, and eliminate grammatical errors. Zia meticulously concentrates on your word choice and the tone of your writing, and even simplifies the language. If you get stuck part-way through your write-up, Zia can finish your work seamlessly, and also suggest relevant tags for your content.

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Zoho Meeting

Gain key meeting insights:

Ensure that no important points are missed during your online meetings and webinars. Go through session transcripts, and generate and download effective keynotes with the click of a button. Zia, powered by OpenAI, helps you save time and effort by offering you key insights, without forcing you to go through entire meeting or webinar recordings.

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Zoho DataPrep

Transform by Example: 

This feature enables users to transform data in a given column based on desired output examples. Essentially, users can provide a few sample outputs, and Zia will automatically perform the necessary transformations on the data in the column to generate the desired outputs. This can include operations like text extractions, date formatting, and arithmetic calculations, depending on the type of data being transformed. This simplifies the data transformation process, making it accessible to users without specialized technical skills.

Generate formula from chat:

The AI-enabled formula builder allows users to generate complex formulas for data wrangling by simply narrating the logic of the transformation to be performed. For example, in a help desk data set, users can ask the builder to calculate the difference between the first response date and the ticket creation date to reveal the first response duration for each ticket. The formula generated can also be customized, giving users maximum control over how data is transformed in their data sets.

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Zoho Writer

Leverage the power of generative AI to quickly form ideas, get contextual suggestions, enhance your writing, and accelerate your productivity.

Works right where you write:

Zia is built right into our editor, which means you can summon and interact with her without switching tabs. Simply type "//" and Zia's chat window will appear. From there, you can request help writing a blog post, generating a headline for your article, creating a meeting agenda, drafting an email, rewriting a paragraph, and much more.

Includes a prebuilt contextual prompts library

Zia's predefined prompts make it easy for you to interact with her and get assistance. Because Zia's prompts are contextual, you'll see different sets of prompts for:

Creating and Modify content:

Generate content from scratch! Simply select an appropriate prompt from the prebuilt list based on the type of content you wish to generate (a story, essay, tweet, to-do list, email, etc.). 

Modifying content

Modify any existing content, or edit Zia's responses before adding them to your

document. Zia offers ready-made prompt lists, which change based on whether

you wish to:

- Modify a word

Simply select a word and pick an appropriate prompt to see synonyms, related words, a definition, and more.

- Modify selected content

Select a phrase, sentence(s), or paragraph(s), and prompt Zia to shorten, rephrase, and summarize your content, identify keywords, or suggest a title.

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Zoho Analytics

Import public data sets:

Many times, you will want public data to compare, benchmark, or to complement your data analysis. Such cases are made easy now, as you can ask Zia - powered by ChatGPT - for such public datasets and bring that data into Zoho Analytics for further analysis.

Generate formulas

KPIs (key performance indicators) are usually metrics that are derived by combining multiple columns through formulas. You can now create such formulas by just typing out in natural language. Generative AI will do the rest.

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Zoho Cliq

Unlock the power of AI with the ChatGPT extension for Cliq. Boost productivity, get instant insights on anything, fast-track research and writing assistance, and get work done faster.

  • Mention "@chatgpt" or type the slash command "/chatgpt"—anytime and anywhere—and ChatGPT will be there to help!

  • The message action Summarize will shorten anything into a concise text.

  • You can also use the command /summarize instead and get a gist of the message.

  • The other action Create outline will quickly create a brief for any text.

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Zoho LandingPage 

Create content quicker and easier

Writing engaging, conversion-oriented landing pages for every campaign takes skill, professional expertise, and time. With Zia, everybody can write good content without putting in the hours! You just have to roughly type in what you want to write, and AI will whip up skillfully-written landing page copy.

 No more proofreading or delays 

You no longer need to rely on a copywriting buddy to bounce ideas off or provide feedback on your work. Zia can analyze your writing in real time and offer suggestions tailored to your unique style and voice. Take your landing pages from ideation to publishing a lot faster with AI-powered content!

Site 24X7

Analyze incidents with one click

Overwhelmed by alerts? Lost in a sea of notifications? Let Zia summarize the outages and help you prepare a prioritized list of work items to focus on. Drill down into issues faster with suggestions for corrective actions. By fixing issues faster, you can minimize the chances of downtime or system failures.

Parting note

If you've read this far, then you're probably as excited as we are about the power of generative AI across various business functions. Zoho's product ecosystem is powered by more than 12,000 people across various teams who work diligently to create products that benefit your business. Many of those team members, who have a strong vision in their respective categories, contributed to this blog post to help convey the many exciting possibilities for our new integration. That perfectly sums up what Zoho promotes every day—doing more together. And for businesses that aim to do the same, the world's broadest suite of apps is always by your side.


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