Bring the power of generative AI to your CRM

There are many benefits to conversational, generative AI. From writing emails, to proofreading content, to summarizing information, the new generation of AI helps you easily create and refine your content. Zia, now powered by ChatGPT, helps you harness the power of generative AI from right inside your CRM. Focus on what matters to you. For the rest, there's Zia.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Create personalized emails from scratch
  • Check content for grammatical errors
  • Generate custom email templates

Everything you need to create the perfect email

Emails are crucial for customer engagement. Zia can generate complete emails from scratch, or improve existing email content by removing grammatical errors, refining the language, and polishing the tone. You can even ask Zia to find relevant information and insert it directly into your email. All you have to do is ask!

  • Check Grammar
  • Generate Content
  • Create Templates

Check Grammar

Generate Content

Create Templates

Understand and manage customer data the smart way

Knowing and understanding your customers can help you improve your relationships. With Zia, you can quickly extract and summarize important information from any customer record. Leverage the information in your CRM, and across the internet, to learn more about any customer data field using the Explore function. Improve the way you manage customer notes by asking Zia to summarize and update them as needed.