Announcing the Zia and OpenAI integration for Zoho Social

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With the rise of social media platforms, businesses and individuals are constantly seeking fresh and relevant content to engage their audience. However, it takes time and effort to produce quality social media content that gets businesses' engagement. Recently, this process has been made significantly easier with the emergence of AI-powered tools that can generate high-quality content in real-time. That's why we're excited to announce Zia's new integration with ChatGPT in Zoho Social. 

Zia, now powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT capabilities, adds AI intelligence to your creativity by helping you easily generate better content and increase publishing efficiency. We understand the importance of creating high-quality social media content that resonates with your audience. With this integration, we're taking a big step forward in helping you achieve your social media goals by providing you the tools you need to create compelling content quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your growth strategy.

Zia for Zoho Social streamlines and speeds up your social media publishing by:

  • Generating content for you based on a particular subject or keyword
  • Suggesting relevant pictures be added to a post 
  • Suggesting appropriate hashtags for your posts 
  • Rephrasing and streamlining content for you 
  • Providing different variations of content 
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Here are some noteworthy highlights of Zia for Zoho Social

Zia generates content for your social media channels

Zia's integration with OpenAI simplifies the task of generating new content by helping you create, review, and format content based on the keywords or questions you ask her-whether it's a request to create an entire Tweet thread or an Instagram caption.

Zia can respond to your questions in a human-like and conversational manner since she uses OpenAI, which has been trained utilizing vast volumes of data. Zia enables you to produce content quickly for all of your social media accounts without any hassle.

Zia customizes content based on keywords you enter

Zia (powered by OpenAI) can comprehend specific words and phrases in your questions and generate content that meets your specifications. Incorporating Zia's generative AI capabilities into content creation processes can bring about a significant transformation by increasing efficiency, customizing content, and ensuring it's relevant to the user.

When you enter keywords or phrases, it analyzes them using its pre-trained algorithm and machine learning algorithm inspired by the structure and function of the human brain. This helps in identifying the meaning and context behind the words. Based on this analysis, she generates a response that is tailored to the keywords you entered. 

For example, if you ask Zia to generate a caption for a specific topic or if you ask her to use certain keywords, Zia will recognize those keywords and use them to generate a response that is specific to your query. This enables Zia to provide more relevant and personalized responses to your inputs.

Zia rephrases your response until you're happy

As an AI language model, ChatGPT is designed to generate human-like responses to user inputs, including rephrasing content-and Zia uses those generative AI capabilities to help you. When you provide a piece of content or a sentence, Zia uses OpenAI's natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to analyze the input and generate a response that is semantically similar but rephrased in a different way.

The regenerate button in Zoho Social provides you with fresh content every time, enabling you to revise until you're 100% satisfied with the outcome. You can review and alternate between each generated response to optimize your AI-generated content with Zia. This feature allows you to produce captivating material promptly, giving you an edge over your competitors.

If you're not satisfied with the initial response, you can ask Zia to rephrase it by providing feedback or requesting a different version. Based on your feedback, Zia will use its machine learning algorithms to generate a new response that takes into account your preferences and the context of the conversation.

Zia provides hashtag, image, and emoji suggestions to elevate your content

By suggesting appropriate hashtags and emojis, Zia helps you enhance your post content as well as increase your reach and interaction. Zia (powered by OpenAI) for Zoho Social can assist with selecting the most appropriate hashtags, images, and emojis and even make sure the post is the proper length.

For hashtags, Zia uses OpenAI's capabilities to identify the main topics and themes in your content and suggest relevant hashtags that are commonly used in social media related to those topics. As for images, Zia can suggest relevant images by analyzing the content of your text and identifying key objects, places, or people that could be associated with visual imagery. It then pulls these from Social's image library (powered by Pexels).

Zia can also suggest relevant emojis based on the sentiment and tone of your content. She can identify words and phrases that express emotions, such as happiness, sadness, excitement, or anger, and suggest emojis that match those emotions. With AI-powered assistance, the process of using images, hashtags, and even emojis is made quicker and easier.

Our biggest update this season couldn't have been rolled out at a better time. Zia's integration with OpenAI for Zoho Social helps you work more efficiently, produce content more quickly, and save time. We've relentlessly strived to bring you this much-needed integration, and we're thrilled about this update. We're eager for you to give it a try and share your feedback with us. Have inquiries? Comments? Want to see a demo? Send us an email at, and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

*Note: This integration is available only in our US data centers.


8 Replies to Announcing the Zia and OpenAI integration for Zoho Social

  1. This is amazing, Zoho Social already is the best platform for posting business content now I can save money on a social media manager as I can create all my own social post and schedule then out for the month!!!! Thanks Zoho

    1. Hello Stuart! To offer the Zia update to our users in the EU and other data centers, OpenAI would need to establish DCs outside the US and ensure compliance with data privacy laws wherever applicable, like the EU's GDPR. While we do not have a timeline for when this may be possible, we will surely open up the Zia update as OpenAI expands DCs globally.

    1. Hello Clemens! To offer the Zia update to our users in the EU and other data centers, OpenAI would need to establish DCs outside the US and ensure compliance with data privacy laws wherever applicable, like the EU's GDPR. While we do not have a timeline for when this may be possible, we will surely open up the Zia update as OpenAI expands DCs globally.

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