Introducing Inbox, a unified communication manager, and Mastodon integration with Zoho Social

How's this year been for you so far? For us at Zoho Social, it's been an exciting and enriching one with countless updates and releases. We've been working hard to bring you some much-needed enhancements.
As such, we're happy to announce two of our most awaited releases of the year: Inbox, a unified messaging tool that unifies all your interactions across platforms, and Mastodon, a channel integration that enables you to tailor your content to your community's specific interests and values, thereby creating a space where everyone feels welcome.

Let's explore what these latest updates are capable of!


Inbox acts as a centralized hub for efficiently handling and coordinating communications that reach your brand across multiple channels, enabling you to engage with your audience promptly. It helps you keep an eye on comments, mentions, messages, and reviews, as well as to streamline your responses and categorize discussions to improve your monitoring capabilities.

Inbox includes the following functionality:


Zia, our AI assistant, can generate responses for every message you receive on social media, as well as enhance your existing text by suggesting relevant replies; all you have to do is type a word or a prompt.


Inbox enables you to use robust filters to prioritize interactions that demand immediate attention depending on their type—whether they're messages, reviews, comments, or even more sensitive content like dark comments.


Inbox also brings your team together to work collaboratively by enabling you to automate the process of assigning conversations so that users can respond to messages promptly. You can use our built-in conversation history tracking feature to track all previous conversations from a particular customer on a particular channel or platform.


Inbox also simplifies team collaboration across platforms, whether you're involving a teammate in a conversation or helping the customer support team address an issue. If you have a scenario where a customer has reached out with a technical issue that can only be fixed by your engineering team, you can simply tag someone from your product team in that conversation to have it looked into immediately.


Zoho Social's Mastodon integration enables you to create, compose, schedule, and automatically post your content directly onto Mastodon from Zoho Social. Mastodon stands out as a platform where you won't encounter any advertisements or algorithms; instead, it maintains a chronological timeline.

You can easily automate your Mastodon posting by publishing content right away or by scheduling it in bulk to auto-publish at time slots of your choice. You can even use our social calendar to plan your posts ahead of time, save them for later, and publish them at the time most optimal for reaching the most people in your community. Zoho Social also provides powerful post insights that can help you understand how your social media posts are performing. Easily add commonly used and already grouped hashtags to your posts with our hashtag manager. Our enhanced media library gives you access to platforms such as Pixabay, Pexels, and GIPHY to add images and GIFs to your posts or comments.

We hope these additions further simplify your social media management and make it fun for you. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, please get in touch with us at We're constantly trying to make Zoho Social what you want it to be, so let us know what you think of all these updates in the comments below.


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