Smarter communication and collaboration: Zoho Cliq sees a whole new phase


Zoho Cliq has been consistently growing over the past three years since the adoption of remote and hybrid work culture boomed. This has pushed us to work towards making communication and collaboration better with the ever-rising demand for a robust yet seamless communication platform. 

With this in mind, today we are announcing a whole new phase of Zoho Cliq aimed at making communication smarter, better and sublime. Our latest version introduces enterprise-centred features like eDiscovery, data retention policy and audit logs, a rich and expanding developer platform, a dedicated conference room application for smarter meetings, a newer way to host live virtual events, and the touch of AI brilliance to make work easy. We are in the final stages of our much-awaited release of the year and here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect from us. 

Smooth conference room meetings with the Cliq Rooms app 

The Cliq Rooms app for organizations offers a smart meeting experience for your conference rooms, allowing you to connect over meetings from the Android TV. This can be configured by the administrators of the organization and employees can make use of this facility to host hybrid meetings. The Cliq Rooms app (BETA) is currently available for anyone who wants to explore the application. 


Full-fledged live virtual events 

Host virtual live events for members in your organization at ease with the latest fully-grown live events tool in Zoho Cliq. Organizers get complete control of hosting and taking the reins of the event, right from moving presenters to the stage, handling breaks with filler media and more. Viewers can also join live events from their Cliq mobile app. 


eDiscovery, data retention policy and audit logs

Enterprise-centered features are at the forefront of Cliq’s latest developments, moving towards compliance with industry regulations by launching eDiscovery, data retention and audit logs. This enables enterprises to protect, monitor and recover crucial organization data in case of investigations and trials.


An evergrowing developer platform

Zoho Cliq offers a low-code, serverless, extensive developer platform that allows organizations to build, integrate and run custom apps. Cliq’s platform houses multiple components like bots, schedulers, message actions and slash commands, enabling workflow automation to cut down on mundane tasks. In addition to developing custom apps, organizations can use connections to set up integrations with third-party applications to improve productivity.


AI-enhanced collaboration

Zoho’s AI assistant, Zia, has been at the front and center of Cliq’s AI brilliance. With Zia, you can generate message summaries for unread messages, get meeting transcripts and also use it as your writing assistance to improve your everyday communication. 


With an aim to fit the needs of every business, we are also introducing four different plans—Free, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, which will be available from October 19, 2023. We cannot wait for you to try out Zoho Cliq’s latest additions.

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This blog announcement is part of Zoho's press release on October 9, 2023. Check the following links for more details:
Outlook Start-Up,,, United News of India,, Zee Business, and Business Standard


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