Search and import public datasets

Want to benchmark, or compare how you performed against others in your industry? Or to blend public data available on the web, to help you with your analytics? Use ChatGPT inside Zoho Analytics to quickly search for the dataset that you need.

Generate formulas

KPI metrics are an important part of analytics. Given that KPIs are usually derived metrics that involve multiple columns, they have to be created using formulas. What better way than to get such formulas readily defined by AI?

Create SQL queries

Combining or joining tables or creating reports from across tables meant you need to know some SQL. Not anymore. Just state your need in natural language to the ChatGPT prompt available right within Zoho Analytics. And get the SQL query generated!!

Get synonym suggestions

Different users from across industries and countries use different terms. And that's where generating synonyms for the AI (Ask Zia) by the AI (ChatGPT) helps. Use ChatGPT to generate synonyms for data columns and train Ask Zia effectively.

You can refer to our help documentation to learn more about how to set up the ChatGPT integration in Zoho Analytics.

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