Your data collection stays on point with the new Zoho Forms integration with Zoho SalesIQ

Improving customer engagement just got easier thanks to the Zoho Forms integration with Zoho SalesIQ. Now you can gather leads and follow up with contextual, data-driven responses, all with this one integration. Here's what you need to know about the integration:

Each time a visitor fills out a form embedded on your website, the data will be pushed to the corresponding fields where you can then track everything from your Zoho SalesIQ account.

What makes Zoho Forms the perfect face for your lead collection? For one, Zoho Forms lets you make your lead collection forms attractive with a variety of themes which you can customize to suit your website. Once the form is created, you have a number of ways to embed your form on your website. That's not all; Once your visitor has filled your form, you can redirect him or her to another webpage on your website or even another website if you wish.

Zoho Forms-Zoho SalesIQ integration

When customers fill out a form giving you their name and email address, the information is pushed to your Sales IQ so you can personalize your live chats a step further, and send contextual follow up emails.

SalesIQ live chat support

So how do you get started with this integration? After creating a contact form using Zoho Forms and embedding it in your website, you can integrate your Zoho Forms with your Zoho SalesIQ with just a few clicks. Now, every time a visitor fills out your form, their details will be automatically updated to your Sales IQ account.

Think you know better ways to use this integration? Let us know in the comments below.


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