Best practices to create online order forms

In today's commercial world, where instant gratification is king, convenience reigns supreme. Customers expect a seamless online experience, from browsing product catalogs to placing orders.  A clunky or confusing checkout process can be the difference between a loyal customer and an abandoned cart.

But fear not, business owners! Zoho Forms is here to help you ditch the order form blues and create experiences that delight. We'll dive into best practices that ensure your online forms are user-friendly, efficient, and visually appealing. So buckle up, get ready to streamline your sales process, and watch customer satisfaction soar!

Keep it clear and simple

Minimal fields: Only ask for necessary order information. Too many fields can overwhelm users and lead to form abandonment.
Logical flow: Arrange fields in a sequence that guides the user effortlessly through the form. For instance, the Address field should follow the Name field.

Mobile-friendly design

Responsive layout: Ensure your form is easily navigable on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Fields should automatically adjust to different screen sizes to maintain readability and usability.

Touch-friendly controls

Use large buttons and input fields that are easy to interact with on touchscreens. For instance: 

Product selection

Product name: A dropdown menu with large, easy-to-tap options.
Quantity: A large numeric input field with clear placeholder text about valid input values.

Customer information

Name: A large input field to ensure easy typing.
Email address: A wide input field with proper keyboard input types 
Phone number: An input field with appropriate keyboard for number entry.

Shipping details

Address line 1: A large input field for the main address.
Address line 2: An additional input field for apartment or suite number.
City: A large input field for the city name.
State/province: A dropdown menu with large options.
Postal code: A wide input field for the postal code.

Order review and submission

Order review: Provide clear information on order and pricing details to ensure users understand what they are purchasing and the associated costs. 
Submit order: A large, prominent button to finalize the order.

By incorporating these responsive design principles and touch-friendly controls, your order form will provide a seamless user experience across all devices.

User guidance

Inline tips: Provide helpful tips or examples within the form fields to assist users. For an "Email Address" field, you might include a placeholder text like "".
Error messages: Display clear and specific error messages to help users correct mistakes without frustration. If a user leaves the "Email Address" field empty, an error message could say, "Please enter a valid email address."

Field Validation

Security and trust

Encrypted fields: Fields should be encrypted, especially when collecting sensitive information such as personal details.

Encrypted Fields

Privacy assurance: Clearly communicate your privacy policies to assure users their data is safe.


Integrate with CRM: Automatically send form submissions to your Zoho CRM to streamline order processing.

Zoho CRM Integration

Integrate with Desk: Seamlessly connect your order form submissions to Zoho Desk system for efficient customer support and issue resolution.

Zoho Desk Integration

Note: A form can be integrated with only one application at a time. Choose the integration that best fits your current business needs, whether it's streamlining order processing through your CRM or enhancing customer support through your help desk system.


Customer updates: Configure automated email, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications to confirm orders promptly and provide updates to customers.
Team alerts: Set up emails to send to designated team members whenever a new order is received, ensuring timely delivery.

Room Reservation Notifications


Refine: Regularly test different form designs and field arrangements to see what works best.
Analytics: Use form analytics to track user behavior and identify potential drop-off points.

By following these best practices, you can create online order forms that are efficient in capturing and processing customer orders. Remember, a well-designed order form can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and boost your business’s sales performance.


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