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Ticket creation in help desk

Zoho Forms and Zoho Desk Integration

When this gap is cut short, you can reduce the lead time taken to resolve customer queries and win the customer service game!

Support agents spend a substantial amount of time manually typing up tickets—time that's better utilized helping out customers. If your organization uses Zoho Desk to manage tickets, Zoho Forms can help oil the wheels of your customer support team.

Understand customer queries better with Zoho Forms

Add descriptions to tickets

Handling large volumes of queries can be daunting. When complex queries are thrown into the mix, the tickets start piling up, customers lose their patience, and you end up losing money. To help your agents understand customer requests better, Zoho Forms offers you the option of adding descriptions to the tickets created.

Tick creation with Zoho Forms
Integrate forms with Zoho Desk

Attach files in tickets

By integrating your online form with Zoho Desk, you can attach files and images collected from customers in the tickets generated. Pass these files on to the right person or department in your organization to provide them with better context so they can arrive at quick and accurate resolutions.

Online Forms for Zoho Desk
Zoho Forms - Automated Ticketing Solution

Use contextual forms to make it easier for your customers

Forms with complex questionnaires might fail to capture the information you need to solve your customers' queries effectively. Zoho Forms offers 40+ powerful fields for you to create shorter forms with a minimal number of fields, so your customers won't have to sweat it out while raising support requests.

With field, form, and page rules, you can make your forms interactive and display only the relevant fields to your customers based on their input.

Zoho Forms and Zoho Desk Integration
Zoho Forms for Customer Support
Send Zoho Forms data to Zoho Desk

Integrating Zoho Desk with Zoho Forms

Customer Support Forms for Zoho Desk

Simply drag and drop fields to create a form.

Integrate the online form with Zoho Desk

Integrate the online form with Zoho Desk and share it.

Connect Zoho Forms with Zoho Desk

Online Forms for Zoho Desk

Witness automatic ticket generation when customers submit their responses.

Click here to learn how to integrate Zoho Desk with Zoho Forms.

Why create boring-looking customer support forms?

Zoho Forms’ advanced themes customization options let you build attractive forms with logos that go along with your brand’s image.

Here's a curated set of form templates to get things moving now.

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Mobile forms for Zoho Desk

Pick up customer queries on the fly using Zoho Forms' mobile app in real-time. With the integration configured in web application, you can collect customer queries using your mobile device and push it to Zoho Desk instantly.

Mobile forms for Zoho Desk

Save time and gain productivity by integrating Zoho Forms with Zoho Desk.