In today's corporate world where employee attrition rates are sky-high and nothing is permanent, Zoho Payroll's rehiring feature presents an elegant solution to a complex problem. It lets you pick up right where you left off in terms of your ex-employees' salary details so you can calculate income tax details and generate Form 16s, Form 24Qs, TDS reports, EPF-ECR reports, and more, easily.

Say you have an employee who exits your company in June 2024. They go to work for a different firm but realize they liked your company better and want to return. You take them in once more, and they are back on your payroll as of November 1, 2024. Then, the financial year ends in March 2025, and you have to wrap up all your year-end formalities and file reports.

In an earlier time, you would have only processed their income tax data from November 2024 (the date they rejoined your company) to March 2025 (the end of the current financial year). You would have received their previous salary details as a separate file, making your job that much harder. Calculating for the first half when they first worked for your company, then when they worked for the other company, and then when they rejoined your company.

Now, thanks to the rehiring feature, all deductions, calculations, and details regarding their income for the time they worked for your company will be stored in one place you can access at your convenience.

Create a new profile for an employee when they join your company. Deactivate their profile when they quit. Reactivate it if they rejoin through the rehiring feature and re-access their old salary details without any hassle for an easy report filing experience at the end of the fiscal year.

To experience how this feature works in real time, sign up for a free trial and see what Zoho Payroll can do for you. If you'd just like an overview of the platform to learn how it could solve many more of your business's payroll process problems, request a demo.

To learn more about other features or general knowledge about payroll, check out our knowledge base, Zoho Payroll Academy, for all things payroll.


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