Announcing New Ways to Connect Writer With Apps That Matter to You

We’re doing our part in creating a more connected cloud landscape. Today, we’re announcing the Writer Open APIs, as well as integrations with workflow automation pioneer Zapier and other third-party cloud drives.


Writer is already integrated with a number of third party services like Adobe Sign, DocuSign, WordPress, and Google Drive among others; bringing you the best of both worlds in just a couple of clicks. You loved it. We loved to hear what you did with it. Moving forward, we want to make Writer even more accessible to for specialized tasks. Let’s see how it’s going:

Introducing the Writer Open APIs

It’s amazing what Open APIs can do to bring many different software options together on one simple platform. This opportunity is not only huge, it’s extremely exciting to be a part of.

The first thing we did was break down what Writer is so great at into simple, well-written APIs for you to integrate into whatever you’re building. With powerful formatting and collaboration features, as well as our ad-free (and scan free! ?) business model, an integration with Writer will mean more flexibility for your services, and a great value-add for users.

Our first set of APIs will let you:

  1. Create Writer documents from a block of text, a URL, or an existing file.
  2. List Writer documents.
  3. Download Writer documents
  4. Delete Writer documents.

Sounds good? Read our detailed API Docs to learn more.


Writer For All

We’ve had users write to us about how they love Writer’s clean UI and its powerful team collaboration features, but are in a tough situation to use it because their team is already using a file-storage system other than Zoho Docs. In an ideal world of connected platforms, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

With our new update, you can import documents from other popular cloud drives including Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive, Box, and OneDrive, eliminating the need to download documents from your cloud drive, then manually import it to Writer.

Writer's integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and others
Other cloud drives integrated with Writer.

Completing the integration will be our existing Save to other drives option where you can send a copy of your Writer documents back to the cloud drive of your choice.


Writer + Zapier = Function & Form

The cherry on top of today’s announcements is our new partnership with world’s leading workplace automation platform, Zapier. In just a few clicks, you can create efficient workflows to connect Writer with your favorite apps, no coding required.

For example, there’s a Writer-Cloud Print Zap to send documents to your cloud printer as you create one in Writer. Imagine having documents printed and ready as soon as you get home from the office. Neat!

Sync documents between the different services you’re currently using with our archive and backup Zaps. The Writer-Dropbox Zap lets you create a backup of your documents in a Dropbox folder as soon as you create one in Writer.

We’re also adding some automation Zaps to the mix so that you can avoid doing repetitive housekeeping work to keep all your ideas in one place. The Writer-Evernote Zap lets you convert drafts on your Evernote account to full-fledged documents automatically.

Like how these Zaps work? You should try building one of your own! Head over to Zapier right away to plug-and-play.

That’s all for now. Got any questions about the APIs? Don’t hesitate to write us at And before you go, we’d like to remind you that at Zoho, we take data privacy VERY seriously. No scanning. No data-mining. Nothing of that sort. Read our official statement to learn more about how we handle your data, and what we think of the recent Google Docs glitch.


Happy writing!

Make Zoho do more for you: You can now use Writer, along with Sheet and Show, as part of our cloud office suite and other collaboration tools by signing up for Zoho Workplace or for Zoho One.



6 Replies to Announcing New Ways to Connect Writer With Apps That Matter to You

  1. I wish there was a web version or an App for this on Windows. You can integrate with Onedrive but no App in the Windows store. This is truly an amazing App!

    1. Thanks much, Caprice! You can use our web-version along with the OneDrive integration by going to" rel="nofollow"> on your Windows device. Go to File >Import from other cloud drives to import documents from OneDrive, or Save to other drives option to drop it back there. A standalone Windows app is on our Roadmap, but that will definitely take some time. :)

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