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Customize an Existing Form

  1. Go to the Themes tab.
  2. Click Customize Form.
  3. In the Form Customization window, you can perform the following actions:

Change Background

Set a personalized color scheme or background image for your form. You can even choose to use different backgrounds for different sections of your form.

To set a personalized color scheme as the background wallpaper:

  • Select Background Wallpaper under the Form tab.
  • Select the Pattern tab under Background Type and choose your preferred pattern.
  • Select the color and adjust opacity, as required.

To set an image as the background wallpaper:

  • Select Background Wallpaper under the Form tab.
  • Select the Image tab under Background Type. Click on Upload if you want to upload a pre-saved image from your desktop, or click on Search from Unsplash to use a high resolution image from Unsplash.


Insert logo

For better brand recognition, insert your business logo while customizing a form.

To insert an logo:

  • Select Form Header under the Form tab.
  • Click on the Logo option and upload an image.
  • Once your logo is inserted, you can adjust the alignment and size.

The recommended image formats are: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF.

Change Font Settings

You can choose to change the font style, size and color of text elements in different sections of your form.

To modify font settings,

  • Select a form element under the FormSubform or Page tab.
  • Click the Font option.
  • Customize the text element by selecting the color, font family, style/weight, and setting the size of the text.

Add Shadow

 Add shadow to your form for extra visual appeal. You can also change the color of the shadow.

To add shadow:

  • Select a form element under the FormSubform or Page tab.
  • Click on the Shadow option, and specify the shadow range and color. 

Insert Border 

Add a border to your form or specific sections of the form, the submit button, form footer, form header and section breaks.

To add a border:

  • Select a form element under the FormSubform or Page tab.
  • Select the Border option, and change the width, style, and color of your border. 

Change Alignment

You can change the alignment of your form, form header, and submit button.

To change Alignment:

  • Select a form element under the FormSubform or Page tab.
  • Click on Alignment and set the desired alignment.

Adjust Opacity 

You can also adjust the opacity of specific sections of your form to increase or decrease its visual impact.

To adjust opacity:

  • Select a form element under the FormSubform or Page tab.
  • Use the Opacity slider to adjust the opacity. 

Modify Form Width 

You can increase or decrease your width of your forms.

To change form width:

  • From the drop down menu under the Form tab, select Form Container >> Form Width.

There are two options to modify form width:

  • To set a fixed form width, select the Standard option. You can specify the width of the form in pixels. The permitted range is from 320 px to 1200 px.
  • Select the Fit to screen option if you want the form width to automatically adjust according to any screen.

When you’re happy with the look of your form, click Apply. This will apply the customization to your form. 

To remove all customizations and restore the default theme, click on Restore theme defaults. Note that this will affect all the forms where the current customization has been applied. 

Apply Existing Theme From Themes Gallery

Zoho Forms Themes gallery lists the themes we have designed for your convenience.

To use an existing theme:

  • Go to the Themes tab.
  • In the Themes gallery, browse and choose a theme which suits your style.
  • When you move the mouse over the gallery, you can choose to Preview or Apply the theme to your form.

Create New Theme Under My Themes Gallery

My Themes gallery lists the themes you have created.

To create a new theme:

  • Go to the Themes tab.
  • In the My Themes gallery, click + New Theme.
  • In the Theme Editor window, you can customize the theme based on your preferences.
  • Now to save the theme, click Save as New Theme. In the popup that appears, enter a Theme Name and click Save.



This theme will now be saved and listed under My Themes. You can either apply the theme to the current form or use it in the future. To edit or delete the theme, hover the mouse over the theme in the gallery.

To search for a particular theme in this gallery, type the theme name in the Search Bar next to the + New Theme button.

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