Using Analytics Connectors in Zoho Analytics

From sales to marketing to finance to support, your day-to-day business operations generate a good deal of data. Your sales team may be using a CRM app, while your marketing team is using a mass mailer or web analytics app. It all adds up.

Because your business competitors will be using those same apps, the difference lies in how best you put your tools to work. A sure way to get a one-up on your competitors is with analytics. The ability to have all your business data, drawn from different apps, analyzed together and acted upon, is a clear advantage.

This is where a BI and analytics service like Zoho Analytics comes into play.

Zoho Analytics offers a wide variety of analytics “connectors.” A connector is an easy integration point between a business app that you use and Zoho Analytics. In a few clicks, you can set up a Zoho Analytics connector and jump right into visually analyzing your business data. Each connector comes with a default set of pre-packaged reports, KPI widgets, and dashboards designed for each domain. You can also modify existing reports, and create new ones, based on your needs.

Sales Analytics
Zoho Analytics has connectors for popular CRMs like Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics. These connectors help you extract value and unlock insights from your sales data in your CRM. You can view your sales pipeline and funnel in various regions, the performance of your sales reps, and your win-loss rate, among others.

In addition to the CRMs mentioned above, you can analyze data from Base CRM, Pipedrive CRM, and Insightly CRM too.

Marketing Analytics
With Zoho Analytics, you can easily set up connectors for popular marketing apps, like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Zoho Campaigns, and MailChimp. These connectors help you visually analyze your marketing data, in-depth. From page views across regions, browsers, or devices, to email opening and link click rates, to comparing campaign performances, our marketing analytics collectors provide you with the best return on investment.

Finance Analytics
Zoho Analytics lets you analyze your data so you can better understand the financial health of your business. View important financial metrics, like revenue, EBITA, profit margin, activity ratio, and cash flow, all in one place. Zoho Analytics provides financial analytics connectors for Zoho Books, QuickBooks (both Online and Desktop), Xero, and Sage Accounting.

And if your customers pay a monthly recurring subscription fee and you use Stripe, Zoho Analytics has a Stripe connector that helps you measure and analyze subscription metrics like MRR, ARR, and churn.

Help Desk Analytics
Want to know how your average first response time, the number of tickets for a product or country has trended over the year, or how many tickets have been assigned to each service rep vs how many have they closed the ticket trends of various channels, how you fared in deadline compliance, or how your first response time affects the satisfaction rate provided by your customers? As a customer of Zoho Desk, Zendesk, or Teamwork Desk, you can get a clear view of all these help desk trends and more.

Survey Analytics
Apps like Zoho Survey, SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo provide basic reporting of your survey’s metadata, like how many people were sent a particular survey, how many responded, and the average number of questions answered. But what about reports of the data collected itself? But what about analyzing that data? With Zoho Analytics’ connectors to popular survey apps, you can slice and dice your survey data, derive insights, and take decisive actions easily. With the Zoho Analytics connector to these survey apps, you can analyze the collected survey data too.

Project Management Analytics
Zoho Analytics helps you analyze data from Zoho Projects and Teamwork Projects. Our project management analytics provide reports for burn down, projected revenue, project status, top and bottom performers, and more.


Coming up: Connectors for Trello, Asana, Microsoft Project.

Cross-functional Analytics
In addition to the above, where Zoho Analytics excels (forgive the pun), is in analyzing the data from across apps. For example, you can combine or blend data from marketing, sales, support and finance apps, and get reports spanning across these apps. We’ll see more about this in a separate post.

So, whichever business app your data is in, Zoho Analytics allows you to visually analyze your data so you can make more informed business decisions. With new connectors added all the time, if we don’t support your preferred app yet, we will soon. Dive in and start utilizing the power of analytics, with Zoho Analytics.


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