Marketing Analytics Dashboards

Visually analyze your marketing data and effectively track your key marketing metrics (KPIs). Analyze data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp, or any marketing app. Quickly spot trends on website traffic, CTR, CPC, open rate, conversion rate, and much more.

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Financial Analytics for Quickbooks Data

Measure your ROI

Measure your marketing ROI and in turn, optimize your spend efficiently. Extract powerful insights, arrive at informed decisions and devise your digital marketing strategies.

Pre-built financial reports and dashboards
Cross-functional analytics with QuickBooks data

Boost your website traffic

Track and analyze your website traffic metrics in minutes. Discover the top-performing pages, create content that resonates with your audience, reduce bounce rates, and boost your conversion rates.

Analyze your email marketing campaigns

Effectively analyze the impact of your email campaigns with the powerful pre-built dashboards. Track your open rates and click rates, and plan your email marketing campaigns.

Contextual alerts for financial metricst

    Collaborative analytics

    Develop & analyze marketing analytics reports together with your content marketing team. Share and embed your visualizations for wider consumption.


    Pre-built visualizations

    Instantly kick start your analytics journey with over 75 pre-built reports and dashboards on your channel's performance.


    Email, export and print reports

    Export or print reports for offline access. Schedule your reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically to the given recipients.


    Data blending

    Combine data from different sources for cross-functional analysis. For example, blend data from Bing Ads, Google Analytics and CRM to create a full conversion funnel.


    Smart analytical assistant

    Type out your questions, and see Zia, our AI-powered assistant, come up with suitable answers in the form of reports and KPI widgets.


    Embedded analytics

    Get a powerful BI, reporting, and analytics solution in your own brand name, embedded within your product/application or setup as a standalone portal.

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Marketing analytics dashboards

Zoho Analytics lets you slice and dice your marketing data the way you want. The pre-built dashboards give you a quick birds-eye view of all your key metrics like CTR, CPC, open rates, conversion rates etc.

  • Survey Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis

Survey Analysis

Sales and Receivables

Campaign Analysis

Email Marketing Analytics Dashboard - Zoho Analytics

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