It is simple for the end users and it doesn't break the bank. There is unattended access which is a must have feature. I also like that I can embed the code into my website and other media with ease.
Eric M. Maddox
I manage over 200 devices in 14 offices and I found that it has everything a portable office could use. I am very to happy to have found them and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Anthony Lombardo
Zoho Assist is affordable, and does almost everything I need for remote assistance.
c-4 web store
Keith Stansbury
Easy to use and very fast, easy to have novice computer users download the file needed to connect.
MUCH cheaper than LogMeIn or GoToAssist, better suits our budget for the occasional needs our company has.
Jill Peaslee
The initial deploy is very simply and easy to use.
Eric Allen
It's easy for non-technical people who need assistance to use.
Andrea Start
Affordable, easy to use.
James LaFevers
easy to use.
Andy Morrison
easy to use and affordable.
Vincent Ramirez
It's simple and flexible, and has a lot of functionality that I haven't seen with other products. It's a great value for the price.
Jerry Wiltse
Fast, reliable and easy to use. It's easy to integrate onto our site. Well, worth the investment.
Staffordshire Telecom
Michael Jones
a cost effective solution for remote assistance that works well.
CSS Integrations & Communications
Scott Shultis
simple to use and connects faster than many remote assistance tools I have used so far.
Its a fast and secure service that is vital to my business. I love the ease of use and functionality.
Kevin Johnson

Simple, Effective and Affordable Remote Support

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