Impressive. Zoho Assist works very well, is simple for non-techies to use, and has the features i like. The experience feels very professional, easy for the end user to set up a connection, it does both Mac and Windows smoothly, and it lets me manage the end users UAC pop-ups. They have a free version which, as I understand it, allows in their EULA for one technician even in a commercial situation. The paid version is very affordable - best price I have seen anywhere - and adds a few nice features like file transfer.

Keith Richmond Power to change

Logmein doesn't have budget friendly pricing. Zoho does! After using the software with two clients, I love it. keep up the good work!

Jeff Garibay Quick To Impress Inc.

Zoho Assists is a remote solution that's has integrated with our companies IT services with ease. It's cost effective and delivers quality.

Dwayne Smith Vivid Clouds

Very convenient.Didn't require any complex configuration or setup - it just works!

Hayden Kibble Arlex Online

It is simple for the end users and it doesn't break the bank. There is unattended access which is a must have feature. I also like that I can embed the code into my website and other media with ease.

Eric M. Maddox Maddoxtech

Easy connection, not require admin privileges in the users' PC, and works behind firewalls.

Javier Molina iSy TEk SAS

Simple, straight-forward and clean interface and way of doing things. Simple agent file, web-based, Chrome compatible technician console, fast and affordable. Nothing not to like.

Jeff Earls Federal Resources

Zoho assist provides a large array of remote assistance tools that I have been able to utilize quickly and efficiently to help remote clients get the maximum value of my services.

Stephanie Barnett Alfheim Web

I used it over the weekend to troubleshoot/repair a computer problem and it just worked flawlessly. Unattended is great, being able to connect on reboot is exactly what I needed. We spent several more hours with another remote software trying to get it to work and with Zoho Assist I was able to troubleshoot and repair the issue in less time.

Christina Harris Penzai Solutions, LLC

I have tried a number of remote software applications but they were soooo expensive, or lacking in functionality such as dual monitor support. Zoho Assist has solved all these problems. It has worked trouble free over a wide range of customer internet connections including satellite which are very slow. Fantastic product - made my life much easier and now able to offer great support to my customers quickly and easily.

Ross Righton Software Solutions

The assist tool really helps me diagnose client problems without having to visit them in person. The unattended assist helps me work with the visually impaired and connect to my work computer while I am away from the office.

Joe Steadman VIP Hosting

I manage over 200 devices in 14 offices and I found that it has everything a portable office could use. I am very to happy to have found them and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Anthony Lombardo yourmatrix

Really easy to get up and running, and very powerful. Let's me do everything I need to help my clients get set up whenever they run into technical challenges.

Danish Munir 1DocWay

Great piece of software and easy to use.

David Redeyoff OakNorth Bank Ltd

An excellent product with a really active development team, providing a blend of the core features I required from LogMeIn Central and Rescue in one product at a lower price.

Niall Gowanlock Avalon Computers

My co-workers call it computer magic. That's how I feel about it too. Its taken our old outdated office into a new era of productivity.

Steve Arant, Mecklenburg county, NC

Faster and even easier to use than logmein and better than google remote desktop. Zoho is as of now the fastest solution I´ve tried for remote assistance. 100% recommended.

Daniel Cabezas

A good remote control software. Strong points are affordability, friendly and dedicated technical support and it delivers what it promises. Maybe other software like teamviewer have more bells and whistles, but zoho assist won´t let you down.

Francisco Mugica Loggin Consultores

Overall this is an excellent product! I was a customer of LogMeIn for just about 5 years. They recently changed their structure and their pricing and that sent me to looking for another solution for Remote Control.I love it! It offers connections to up to 100 clients for the same price the competitor offers for just 2! Just the other day I was able to send an invite to a client that was having issues with a piece of software and in less than a couple of minutes I had a remote session on her computer. Very painLESS! Great Price. Awesome Features. Good Buy!

Erwin Hunter NuCre8ion, Inc.

I use Zoho to assist customers with performing updates to one of our electronic products. Average call time before using remote support would be around 20 minutes. with Zoho I can quickly instruct my end users and normally I am off the phone in half the time. Thanks Zoho for a great product.

Tim 31 Inc.