From limited features to flexible and comprehensive solutions: IT-D2's Journey with Zoho Assist

The Company

For more than 25 years, PlatformplusWMS has focused on empowering financial advisers and driving excellence in business through technology. With over 100 years of collective industry experience, the PlatformplusWMS team recognizes the critical role advice technology plays in promoting smooth communication and information sharing between customers and advisers. Its objective is to deliver a consistent and efficient solution that benefits all parties in the financial advising process.

The Challenge

PlatformplusWMS, a leading technology solution in the financial advice industry, encountered issues with its previous remote support tool, GoToAssist. After conducting a web search and exploring alternatives, like TeamViewer and AnyDesk, the company discovered Zoho Assist. As GoToAssist's renewal period approached, the company compared the tool's cost with Zoho Assist, and found the latter more financially sustainable.

"Zoho Assist stands out with its simplicity of implementation and comprehensive set of controls, offering us greater flexibility and improved customization. The visual representation of PC activity across multiple screens enhances our troubleshooting and remote support capabilities, greatly impacting our day-to-day operations."Paul Wibberley,Infrastructure Manager Platformplus Wealth Management System (WMS)

The Solution

IThe PlatformplusWMS team was pleased to discover Zoho Assist's comprehensive feature set. Learning to deploy the features for effective remote support operations was an easy and efficient process. The simplicity and user-friendly interface of Zoho Assist made the implementation seamless.

PlatformplusWMS now uses Zoho Assist for remote assistance for both customers and employees. It utilizes Zoho Assist two to three times per week to help clients resolve various IT challenges. It also uses the Unattended Access option for internal systems, which ensures timely software upgrades and maintenance. One of the most significant advantages PlatformplusWMS has gained from Zoho Assist is increased control and visibility. Assist provides the company with a comprehensive view of all connected screens, even when multiple screens are involved in a task. This feature has proven invaluable for troubleshooting and offering effective support.

PlatformplusWMS successfully addressed its challenges with remote support technology by switching to Zoho Assist. With its comprehensive features, simplicity, and affordable pricing, Zoho Assist proved to be the ideal solution for the company's needs.


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