John Bryce and Zoho Assist collaborate to provide a high-quality learning experience


John Bryce College is a leading provider of high-end training solutions, as well as a one-stop shop for IT and professional training. John Bryce College, based in Tel-Aviv, offers public courses, on-site specialized training, seminars, and events on a wide range of technologies in Israel, Europe, China, and throughout the world. Their aim is to provide their clients and employees with opportunities for personal and professional advancement via a high-quality learning experience that is both professional and creative.


John Bryce needed a robust remote support solution that would allow them to take control of their clients' devices to give them demos and walkthroughs, comprehend their product-related issues, and collect data in the form of screenshots as evidence of the problems they were experiencing. They also required external technicians to connect to the session to provide additional expertise to their clients.

“We switched from TeamViewer to Zoho Assist, which has significantly enhanced our technician and customer remote support experience!” Omer ZbeidatJohn BryceCTO


They were using TeamViewer, which they noted was cumbersome to use for both the technician and the end user. As a result, they switched to Zoho Assist, which they credit for being more user-friendly and equipped with more features. They also noted the excellent customer experience and end user experience as a benefit.

Why Zoho Assist?

The John Bryce team noted that it was simple to install Zoho Assist. According to CTO, Omer Zbeidat, the sessions were flawless from the start, allowing him to invite third-party professionals as required to resolve client issues. It also allowed the team to connect to customer devices via the Zoho Assist mobile application. Technicians from the organization were now able take screenshots during the session, which could be downloaded and shared with their vendors as evidence to troubleshoot from their end.

John Bryce's goals focus on providing high-quality training from experienced instructors that match the demands of the technology sector to foster professional growth and development. With the help of Zoho Assist, the John Bryce team can work toward their business goals easier, and provide the best service possible to help their students achieve their career goals.

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