From limited features to flexible and comprehensive solutions: IT-D2's Journey with Zoho Assist

The Company

IT-D2 is a growing IT services and support provider that specializes in cloud computing, backup systems, and streaming technologies. With a customer-centric approach, it aims to deliver top-notch services to a broad clientele, ensuring their IT infrastructure is set up for success in the digital world. Owner, Bradley Wright, brings extensive technical expertise and industry knowledge to IT-D2. As the sole proprietor, Wright handles administrative tasks, provides technical support, and ensures seamless operations for clients. With a focus on prompt and reliable IT solutions tailored to each client's needs, IT-D2 has established itself as a reliable and efficient provider in the industry.

The Challenge

Wright, serving as both owner and technician, faced challenges with the high costs of remote desktop software, such as AnyDesk and TeamViewer. While some solutions offered free versions, the features included were limited. This impacted Wright's ability to provide efficient and effective remote support. The high licensing costs associated with upgrading to advanced versions of these software solutions would have put a strain on his business' budget. As a result, Wright sought an alternative solution that could offer a comprehensive feature set at a more affordable price point.

"Zoho Assist has transformed my remote support experience. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and extensive features made it a top choice for my business." Bradley Wright,Owner IT D2

The Solution

IT-D2 successfully transitioned to Zoho Assist to overcome a range of remote support challenges, and quickly found that it outperformed its most expensive competitors. The migration process was seamless, enabling Wright to quickly adapt to the new platform. The platform's versatility allowed him to access his account through a web interface or desktop app, providing flexibility and convenience. Its user-friendly interface made navigation easy, and comprehensive features, like file transfer, chat, and remote reboot, enhanced the support experience. Managing multiple clients and devices from a single platform streamlined operations and increased productivity. The efficient ticketing system also helped Wright prioritize and track customer requests, ensuring prompt resolutions.


By overcoming the limitations and high costs of previous software solutions, IT-D2 positioned itself to deliver efficient and high-quality support services to its clients.

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