Texas A&M University improves remote support with Zoho Assist

The Company

Founded in 1876, Texas A&M University (TAMU) has emerged as a premier public research institution. It offers a wide array of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in various disciplines. With a strong emphasis on research and innovation, TAMU has contributed to advancements in energy, agriculture, health sciences, engineering, and related fields. The university actively engages in community outreach, driving economic development and addressing social welfare issues. TAMU's vibrant culture is shaped by its core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect, and service. Through its rich traditions and unwavering commitment to education, Texas A&M University aims to inspire and empower future generations of students, researchers, and leaders.

The Challenge

When the pandemic hit, Texas A&M had to adapt quickly to remote work, and find ways to support faculty and students who were working from home. The university was using TeamViewer for remote support, but the application could not efficiently handle the new workload. The IT team sought a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution to support remote users, troubleshoot issues, and perform system administration work.

Vinko Tosevski

"Zoho Assist was a product we thought would be great for using during the pandemic. Since the pandemic, nothing has reverted to the way it was before. We now use remote assist tools daily to do system admin work." Joe A. Rasche,Systems Admin II-Department of Computing and Cyber Security Texas A&M University

The Solution

After researching different remote support tools, Texas A&M found Zoho Assist, a holistic and user-friendly solution. Zoho Assist was recommended to the IT team by Manage Engine Desktop Central.


The IT team used the trial version of Zoho Assist and found that it was more efficient than TeamViewer. They particularly liked the remote access feature which allowed them to access their servers and machines from off-campus, unattended remote support, and remote support links which enabled them to troubleshoot issues for their students.


Since switching to Zoho Assist, Texas A&M University's IT team has used the application multiple times per day. Assist's reboot shortcut helps technicians restart remote computers quickly, saving time and improving the overall efficiency of the support process. The control panel shortcut helps them access system settings and options, enabling them to make necessary changes efficiently.


Texas A&M University found Zoho Assist to be a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for its remote support needs. The unique session ID generated for each session gives the university confidence that no one can access a session without proper authorization, enhancing the security of remote support sessions initiated by the organization. The IT team can now provide efficient and seamless support, ensuring students and faculty can continue their work without interruptions, regardless of their locations.

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