24/7 Online hosting with Zoho Assist.

Blue Ocean Web Hosting offers web and email hosting to their customers on a rock-solid server infrastructure located in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides online hosting services with control panel accessibility and personal data management. Blue Ocean Web Hosting also offers backup services to ensure that the website remains online 24/7.

Services Blue Ocean Web provides

  • Uptime (Reliability)
  • Web Site Maintenance Planning
  • Personal Account Management
  • Control Panel Management
  • Hosting Backup


  • Blue Ocean aimed to reduce the incident resolution time at the remote end.
  • It needed an app that enabled 24/7 maintenance support for online hosting.
  • Easy unattended access solution at the user end was a priority, so they could support customers without a person present at the remote end.
  • The solution needed to support site hosting backup maintenance with timely updates.

"I would gladly recommend Zoho Assist. Remote access and file transfer saved me heaps of money with a POS client from whom I needed to access POS data each week. Using Zoho Assist's file transfer capability, I was able to transfer files in a jiffy. "Glenn Goodman,Founder,Blue Ocean Web Hosting.


Blue Ocean Web Hosting provides full-service web hosting to their customers with customizable options. Issues arose with their customers when they tried to connect their email software to the server. In such cases, Blue Ocean Web Hosting used Zoho Assist's remote support ability to connect with their customers' remote devices and solve the issue quickly. After a period working with our services, Blue Ocean Web Hosting decided to use our software for their hosting and online maintenance solutions.

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