From inefficient tools to streamlined support: KIMSHEALTH chooses flexible, user-friendly software

The Company

KIMSHEALTH is a leading healthcare network in India and the Middle East, providing comprehensive and affordable services. With a focus on quality healthcare delivery, KIMSHEALTH has earned national and international accreditations, becoming the first hospital in India to achieve both. Since 2002, the organization has grown from a single hospital to an international network of hospitals with 2,000 beds across major cities. KIMSHEALTH aims to connect patients with state-of-the-art facilities, highly skilled doctors, and a range of specialized programs. Its international patient relations department works to provide world-class treatment and personalized attention to overseas patients, along with services like visa assistance and translation. With a commitment to holistic care and hospitality, KIMSHEALTH is dedicated to providing courteous, compassionate, and competent healthcare services.

The Challenge

KIMSHEALTH is expanding its reach to pharmacy chains and laboratory services. When the organization began growing, the need for efficient remote support and IT management became crucial. Before implementing Zoho Assist, KIMSHEALTH relied on remote support tools, such as Dameware, which lacked the necessary features and involved both complex licensing and high costs. KIMSHEALTH was seeking a remote support tool that could facilitate both internal support for employees and external support for partners and vendors.

"We chose Zoho Assist for its user-friendly interface and cost-effective pricing structure, and it exceeded our expectations. With Zoho Assist, we have improved efficiency, provide superior support to our employees, and optimize our IT budget. It's the ideal remote support tool for KIMSHEALTH." Suraj T,System Administrator KIMSHEALTH

The Solution

KIMSHEALTH tested several remote support tools, including TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and RealVNC, before choosing Zoho Assist. The healthcare network was drawn to Zoho Assist's advanced and comprehensive features, which gave it the ability to access devices remotely and provide support to partners and vendors. Zoho Assist also provided a user-friendly interface with convenient features, such as status of the device and action log viewers. Zoho Assist's remote work function facilitated collaborative problem solving, and proved to be a great addition to KIMSHEALTH in situations where partners or vendors needed to perform a demonstration or access KIMSHEALTH's systems temporarily. Assist's features also helped KIMSHEALTH's IT admins and technicians to streamline IT management processes and improve their ability to troubleshoot issues efficiently. Finally, Zoho Assist's pricing structure offered more cost-effective options compared to other solutions.


Overall, KIMSHEALTH has found Zoho Assist to be a reliable and feature-rich remote support tool, which provides a user-friendly experience. With Zoho Assist, KIMSHEALTH has experienced improved efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and streamlined IT management, enabling the organization to focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services to its patients.

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