Streamlining remote support: How Zoho Assist helped Prestige Association Management Group achieve its goals

The Company

Prestige Association Management Group is a Texas-based property management company. The firm is led by Sarah Eldridge, and with over two decades of expertise in property management, maintains board relations in Houston and neighboring communities. The team at Prestige focuses on providing professional community management services, such as financial responsibility, proactive physical property management, building harmony, and communication with owners, boards, and management teams.

The Challenge

Prestige Association Management Group was using TeamViewer for remote support, but it was not satisfied with the software solution's functionalities. As its subscription approached expiration, the company began searching for an alternative provider that could offer an easy-to-use, feature-rich, and cost-effective solution for meeting its remote support needs.

The Solution

After researching more than half a dozen different providers, the company chose Zoho Assist for its simplicity, broad suite of features, and cost-effectiveness. Assist's Unattended Access feature allows the system administrator to access and troubleshoot remote employee computers, even when the device owner is not present at the other end. This feature has proven to be a game changer for the company, as some of its computers are located more than four hours away from the system administrator.

With the addition of Zoho Assist, the company was able to streamline its remote support process, allowing the system administrator to assist employees almost daily, from any location.


Vinko Tosevski

"I found everything I was looking for in Zoho Assist—safe, secure, easy to use, and of course, low-cost. With the addition of Zoho Assist, I now work smarter and manage my time much better. There is no software that I would recommend more highly than Zoho Assist!"Scott Thompson, Facilitation Manager, Prestige Association Management Group

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