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Zoho Analytics is a self-service data analytics software that allows you to create insightful dashboards and data visualizations.

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Businesses today generate higher and higher amounts of data. The data can be in the different business software they use. Like their marketing, CRM, accounting, HR, helpdesk, or inventory software. Larger enterprises have their data in data warehouses or data lakes, which can be in-house behind their firewalls, or hosted on a cloud platform like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. All such data is a goldmine, and need to be analyzed. Data analytics can help you optimize your processes, which will result in your business achieving higher sales, and saving time and money.


This is why you need a comprehensive and versatile data analytics tool like Zoho Analytics. Zoho Analytics can help you analyze any data, wherever it is. It can help you and your users generate and interact with dynamic data visualizations like charts, pivot tables, and dashboards, in a more collaborative manner.

Import Data From Anywhere - Zoho Analytics

Import any business data

Import data into Zoho Analytics from a variety of data sources such as local files, Web URLs, Cloud drives (Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs etc), Local/Cloud databases, popular business applications and from your custom applications for in-depth analysis.

Cross-functional data analytics

Combine data from different sources to create cross functional reports, and thereby get more insight into your business. For example, combine your Zoho Desk data with your CRM data to create a 'Sales vs. Tickets Raised' report.

Analyze Data In a Secure, Collaborative Way - Zoho Analytics

Secure online collaboration

Share and collaborate on reports and dashboards with your colleagues. Have full control over what your colleagues or clients can see and do with the reports you share with them. Embed your reports and dashboards to reach a wider audience. Export or print reports for offline access. Schedule reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically.

Data analytics assisted by AI

Analyzing your data has now become easier than ever before. Ask Zia, Zoho's smart assistant powered by AI and ML technologies, to provide you the answers you seek from your data. Zia understands natural language querying, and gets you answers in the form of relevant reports.

Ask Zia, AI Assisted Data Analytics - Zoho Analytics

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"We use Zoho Analytics to integrate all of our reporting needs. We can not only access it but explore it, dive deep, ask questions. It's super fast, easy to use and cheaper."


Founder, Educatemia.


"Zoho Analytics is one of the most robust reporting platforms out there to stratify and cut multiple data points. It provides us with invaluable tools to analyze our business."


Regional Director, Health Outcomes Sciences

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