Australia GST

GST: Goods and Services Tax is a value added tax of 10% that is applied on the sale of goods and services in Australia.

Registering for GST

To register your organization for GST in Zoho Subscriptions,

Enabling GST

Creating a New Tax

To create a new tax,

New Tax

Editing a Tax

To edit a tax,

Editing Tax

Deleting a Tax

To delete a tax,

Deleting Tax

Default Tax

The Default Tax will be used in transactions when tax preference (Taxable/Tax Exempt) is not set for the involved customers. The first tax you create will be marked as the Default Tax initially. However, you can mark a different tax as default as well.

Default Tax can be useful for the following scenarios.

Default Tax is not automatically associated with a customer. It is only used when tax preference (Taxable/Tax Exempt) is not set for the involved customers.

To mark a different tax as default,

Default Tax

Associating a Tax for a Customer

To associate a tax for a customer,

Making a Customer Tax Exempt

At times, you might have to create a subscriptions for a customer whose organization is exempted from tax (GST free/GST free export). You can make that particular customer non-taxable by following the below steps.

Making a Plan Taxable/Non-Taxable

Plan Tax-Exempt

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