Reminders a.k.a Offline Dunning

Reminders are used to manage your offline subscriptions and their main objective is to get your customers to pay for their invoices on time. Since, offline subscriptions has no cards associated to charge them automatically on renewals, Reminders are the best way to update customers about their subscription renewals and overdue invoices. It is like an offline dunning management system. Related tasks:

Types of reminders

In Zoho Subscriptions, there are two types of reminders: Manual and Automated reminders.

How automated reminders work?

You can setup a reminder to notify your customers via email X days before or after the invoice due date or the expected payment date. Once setup, Zoho Subscriptions will automatically email your customers a link to pay for their renewal or overdue invoices. You can also setup multiple reminders and specify the number of days it has to be sent after or before the invoice due date or expected payment date.

Let’s take an example scenario to understand this. Assume that you’ve setup 5 automated reminders. Reminder 1 is set to send 2 days before the due date. Reminder 2 - 3 days after the due date, Reminder 3 - 6 days after the due date, Reminder 4 - 7 days after the due date and Reminder 5 - 8 days after the due date. So, if a customer pays the invoice after Reminder 3 is sent then Reminder 4 and Reminder 5 will not be sent since the invoice is paid.

Enable manual reminders

Manual reminders will be enabled by default. Like mentioned earlier, manual reminders can only be sent for invoices in Overdue and Sent status and by clicking the Send Reminder button under the More drop-down.

Send manual reminders

To send a manual reminder to your customer for a invoice,

Enable automated reminders

To enable automated reminders,

Once enabled, the reminders will be sent automatically based on the settings. Also, you can create new reminders by clicking on the + New Reminder button at the bottom and configure the settings.

Disable automated reminders

The reminders can be disabled for a specific invoice or a specific customer or all the invoices.

To disable the reminders for a specific invoice,

To disable the reminders for a specific customer,

To disable the reminders completely, * Go to Gear icon > More Settings. * Click the Reminders module from the left pane. * In the reminders page, click on the Turn Off button next to each reminder.

Delete an automated reminder

To delete an automated reminder,

Edit email templates

You can customize the email templates of manual and automated reminders.

To edit the email template of manual reminders,

To edit the email template of automated reminders,

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