Zoho Inventory


Sales Returns

  1. What is Return Material Authorization (RMA) in supply chain?
  2. What is meant by ‘Qualifying/Marking a product for return’ and how can it be done in Zoho Inventory?
  3. What are non-returnable items?
  4. When do I need to use a credit note?
  5. What are credit-only goods?
  6. The items are shipped but the order was canceled before receiving the payment. How do I handle the return for this in Zoho Inventory?
  7. I received payment for an order, but haven’t yet shipped the consignments. Now my customer wants to cancel a few items from it. How can I do that?
  8. The items are not shipped but the payment has been accepted. Is it essential to create a sales return if my customer cancels the entire order before shipping?
  9. A customer has requested a replacement for a defective product. How do I handle this in Zoho Inventory?
  10. A customer has requested a refund for receiving an expired product. How do I handle this in Zoho Inventory?
  11. Can I track the serial/batch numbers of items in the returns?
  12. How do I record the return shipment fee in Zoho Inventory?
  13. I have created multiple invoices for an item in an order. How do I handle the product returns in this case?
  14. How are returns handled for online marketplace orders in Zoho Inventory?
  15. Can I handle returns for drop shipped or force fulfilled orders in Zoho Inventory?
  16. How do I delete a credit note that has already been closed?