Zoho Inventory


What is meant by ‘Qualifying/Marking a product for return’ and how can it be done in Zoho Inventory?

Before beginning with the sales return process, you must first qualify/mark the items of your choice as returnable in Zoho Inventory. This means that you accept returns only for these items. You cannot process return for the items that you don’t qualify as returnable.

To qualify an item for return:

  • Navigate to the Items tab in the sidebar.
  • Click the +New button to create a new item.
  • Enter the basic details.
  • Toggle the Returnable Item switch. Switch turns blue to indicate ON. Note: If the switch is not turned on, the item will be considered non-returnable and you won’t be able to raise a sales return for it.
  • Click Save to create a new returnable item.
Bulk Action

You can also mark all your existing items as returnable in one go. To do so:

  • Navigate to the Items tab in the sidebar.
  • Open the items list view.
  • Mark the checkbox beside the item name to select the item.
  • Click on More Actions and select Mark as Returnable. The selected items will be marked as returnable in bulk.