Zoho Inventory


I have created multiple invoices for an item in an order. How do I handle the product returns in this case?

Assume that you have shipped 10 pieces of cloth for which you split the billing into Invoice-01 (3 pieces), Invoice-02 (3 pieces) and Invoice-03 (4 pieces). Upon receiving the package, your customer changes their mind and initiates a return for a total of five pieces - 2 pieces from Invoice-01, 1 piece from Invoice-02 and 2 pieces from Invoice-03.

To handle this in Zoho Inventory:

Step 1: Create a sales return for the order
  • Open the sales order.
  • Click on Create and select Sales Return.
  • If the return contains damaged goods, enable the ‘This sales return contains credit-only goods’ option.
  • The return details section will be split into two sections: Return Quantity and Credit-Only.
  • Enter the damaged count in the Credit-Only field of the respective item. The quantity entered here will not be taken into stock.
  • Click Save.
Step 2: Create receives for the items in the sales return
  • Go to the sales return page.
  • Click on the Receive button.
  • Configure the items and the quantity to be received.
  • Click Save.
Step 3: Create a credit note for the sales return
  • Click on the Create Credit Note button in the sales return.
  • A popup will appear with the same details as that of the sales return.
  • Click on each row to expand them.
  • Map the quantity from the invoices against its receivable and credit-only field.
  • Click Proceed.
Step 4: Record a refund
  • Open the above credit note.
  • Click on More > Refund.
  • Enter the refund amount and select the expense account.
  • Click Save to record the refund.