Zoho Inventory


Can I track the serial/batch numbers of items in the returns?

Yes, in Zoho Inventory, you can track the items that were returned by its serial number and batch number.


Before creating a sales return ensure that you have:

To track the returns for a serial or batch item:

Pro Tip: The batch reference number should be new and unique as you cannot put the returned item back into the existing batches. However, the Manufacturer Batch# can be the same. You can also track the returned batches in the Batch Details report.

Pro Tip: After saving the credit note, scroll down to the footer of the credit note. You can find the details of the batch/serial numbers that were added. Click on a serial number to view its transaction history.

Insight: The serial and batch numbers that you add for the credit-only items will not be taken into stock and hence, you cannot use them in future transactions.