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Anand Ethiraj

Anand Ethiraj

Director of Key Accounts & Partnerships - Hakuna matata
The new user interface [in Zoho Books] is too good, very easy to use and gives us instant reports. Business owners like us, can [now] actually concentrate on the business rather than finance and accounting.

Company Name

Hakuna matata


Web Development

Why Anand Ethiraj loves Zoho Books

  • Ease of use
  • Good user interface
  • Instant reports

Features Anand Ethiraj likes the most

We had a pleasant conversation with Anand Ethiraj of Hakuna matata, from Chennai, India and here's a brief overview.

Tell us a bit about your company.

Hakuna matata is an app consulting, design and development studio with expertise in emerging social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies. We have developed more than 100 mobile & web apps over the years and helped enterprises & startups to go mobile. Our key focus lies on the mobility of startups, SMEs and enterprises.

From concept designing to UX, from app development to deployment, from app testing to maintenance support, we work on all stages that applications, products and custom applications demand for.

How did you decide to name your company Hakuna matata?

We are fond of the animation industry and, in future, we aspire to create our footprints there. We got the name 'Hakuna matata' from the famous disney movie Lion King. It means 'no worries' or 'land of happiness'. We kept that as the motto for our company, to be happy always. Be it our employees, our clients; everyone around us should be happy. We take care of our clients' happiness and none of our clients have moved away from us. That's our winning point.

How did you find Zoho Books?

Being a start up we were very cost conscious and we were looking for an accounting solution. Since none of us have accounting background we wanted a tool which was very simple to use. We were using Tally but it was complex and had an age old interface. It required accounting knowledge. In Zoho Books, I saw three main features; Money In, Money Out and Bank synchronization and I felt that it is fit for a layman.The new user interface is too good, very easy to use and gives us instant reports. Business owners like us can actually concentrate on the business rather than finance and accounting.

How has Zoho Books helped you in managing your business finance? What other features in Zoho Books do you use?

Multiple currency feature is one of the key factors which convinced us to start using Zoho Books. Since we have customers across the world, we find this feature very useful. We use the automatic bank and credit card feeds to sync it with our bank statements easily. I usually create and send invoices and my partner manages other finance-related features.

Have you used other Zoho products?

We used Zoho Books and it was a success with us. Right after that we started using Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Meetings and Zoho Campaign. Recently, I have started using Zoho Recruit and Zoho Creator.

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