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Whether you're a student, working professional, or business owner, join the most comprehensive course on cloud accounting with Zoho Books and get certified by a team of professional trainers.

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Why choose this course?

Stay updated with the latest accounting technology

Learn the cloud-based accounting software trusted by businesses around the world. Zoho Books is full-stack, GST-compliant accounting software loaded with advanced banking features, workflow automations, and artificial intelligence.

Widen your skill set

Boost your standing in the job market. Get a handle on Zoho Books and learn how to file GST returns, manage finances, integrate with 55+ applications to stay one step ahead of your peers.

Maximise your Zoho Books experience

Every student gets personalized guidance to explore and learn Zoho Books. Practical, real-world scenarios demonstrate how our solution helps businesses be more efficient and increase their bottom line as well as their revenue.

Get a free student license

Explore the fundamentals of Zoho Books at your own pace. With a complimentary free student license, you can easily put all your learning into practice.

Train one-on-one or as a group

There could be nothing better than getting trained by the very best, at your comfort. We offer comprehensive group and personal training at institutes and online respectively by Zoho certified trainers.

Customisable Curriculum

Although our curriculum is packed with everything you need to know about cloud accounting and implementation with Zoho Books, we are also open to tweaking the curriculum with flexible training hours and pricing to suit your learning objectives.

Modes of Training

Physical Institute

Physical Institutes

  • Group Training
  • In-person Sessions
  • Certification by Zoho
  • Duration: 36 Hours

Price: 7999/- + GST

  • Chennai

  • Bengaluru

  • Ahmedabad

  • Mumbai

  • Hyderabad

  • Kerala

  • Hubli

  • Coimbatore

  • Thanjavur

  • Kolkata

  • Pune

  • Vizag

online training

Personal Training

  • Individual Training
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Certification by Zoho
  • Duration: 8 Hours

Price: 12,000/- + GST

  • CA Anwesh Shetty

    CA Anwesh Shetty

    CA Anwesh Shetty & Co.

    Know More

    Anwesh Shetty, a Chartered Accountant, specializes in providing accounting, business advisory, and tax planning and preparation services to small businesses, including manufacturers, retailers, professional service firms, and start-up technology companies. Additionally, he consults with CAs on how to effectively use Zoho Books to assist their clients. His passion for accounting and technology drives him to simplify Zoho Books for accounting professionals and end-users. His innovative problem-solving abilities have enabled him to train over 40,000 students and implement Zoho Books for several businesses. He is an eloquent speaker and trainer who has successfully incorporated Zoho Books into university curriculums.

  • Atul Jain

    Atul Jain

    Learnall Solutions.

    Know More

    Atul Jain is responsible for overseeing the operations of Learnall Solutions, located in Hyderabad, India. Over the past seven years, he has successfully completed more than 200 Zoho implementations worldwide. He is highly enthusiastic about technology and automation and is passionate about educating individuals on Zoho Books. He has provided training to several individuals including CAs, students, accountants, and entrepreneurs.

  • CA Tanvi Bangera

    CA Tanvi Bangera

    Strateworks solutions Private Limited.

    Know More

    Tanvi Panchal Bangera, a Chartered Accountant, holds a partnership position at AKMK and Strateworks Group, where she has worked for more than a decade as a consulting CFO and internal auditor. In 2020, the CEO of Insights recognized her as one of the Top 10 Women Consultants. Leveraging her mastery of Zoho Books, she has aided more than 100 businesses in effectively deploying the software and has imparted essential skills to over 1500 trainees.

  • CA Jigar Shah

    CA Jigar Shah

    SK Rathi & Co.

    Know More

    Jigar Shah, a partner at S K Rathi & Co., endeavors to make the firm one of the top-notch ones in India. He is passionate about technology and has contributed his skills to creating several fintech products. Collaborating with Zoho Books, he has effectively migrated and implemented the software for over 75 businesses. Furthermore, he has authored two books, GST for Entrepreneurs and Work from Home for Professionals, which were published by the Chamber of Tax Consultants.

  • CA Nikita Punjabi

    CA Nikita Punjabi

    NHP and Co.

    Know More

    Nikita Punjabi, a practicing Chartered Accountant and a YouTuber, enjoys creating videos on taxation, migrating accounting software, and personal finance. She is a zealous educator and an adept trainer who strives to break down concepts for learners, making the learning process enjoyable through the use of examples and case studies. Her efforts have helped over 200 participants gain an in-depth understanding of GST law.

  • Hemal Kamdar

    Hemal Kamdar

    Kraj Accounting Service.

    Know More

    Hemal Kamdar, along with his team, has provided financial consulting and cloud accounting services to over 100 businesses. He is an ardent advocate for Zoho Books and is committed to assisting professionals in adopting the technology for their practices or businesses. He has imparted training to more than 250 trainees with diverse educational backgrounds, including Chartered Accountants (CAs), bookkeepers, business owners, commerce graduates, and others.

  • CA Vishal Jagetiya

    CA Vishal Jagetiya

    NJP Global Services Private Limited.

    Know More

    Vishal Jagetiya, a Chartered Accountant, serves as the director of NJP Global Services Private Limited, where he is responsible for overseeing the company's outsourcing division. For over five years, the company has been delivering outsourced bookkeeping services to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and numerous businesses. With expertise in cloud accounting and payroll processing, he aids his clients in automating their business processes and provides them with business advisory services.

  •  Pulkit Gupta

    Pulkit Gupta

    Om Sri Matre Namah LLP.

    Know More

    Pulkit Gupta is one of the co-founders of a thriving fintech startup that processes over 150 crores in transactions every month. Subsequently, he established a second venture called USHMA to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) streamline their business processes. Pulkit's experience in training began when he was building his own enterprise, during which he guided and educated his colleagues on various financial aspects. At USHMA, he conducts corporate training sessions on Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory for businesses in the retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution industries. He has a keen interest in sharing his expertise and knowledge with others. Additionally, he provides counsel to his clients on enhancing their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and helps them grow their companies.

  •  S Venkatesan

    S Venkatesan

    Know More

    Mr. S Venkatesan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a distinguished Chartered Accountant with an impressive track record. He also possesses additional qualifications as a CMA and CS. With over 30 years of experience after obtaining his qualifications, he has excelled in both industry and practice settings. His expertise spans various sectors, including Engineering, NBFC, FMCG, and Oil and Gas. Throughout his career, Mr. Venkatesan has been actively involved in utilizing a range of accounting software such as MFG-PRO, Sun Systems, Tally, and more. Currently, he is dedicated to training aspiring individuals in Zoho Books. His proficiency in educating students pursuing professional courses like CA, CMA, and CS equips him to effectively train individuals and teams in operating modern cloud-based accounting software, specifically Zoho Books. With a track record of training approximately 100 individuals, Mr. Venkatesan offers comprehensive training sessions to individuals, groups, and corporate teams. His flexible scheduling, consistent sessions, hands-on approach, and deep enthusiasm for teaching motivate him to provide continuous training in Zoho Books. He possesses a keen understanding of industry requirements concerning accounting software, enabling him to cater to various categories of trainees, including Proprietors, Engineers, Accountants, and Students pursuing their degrees. Having trained a diverse array of individuals, he adeptly customizes training sessions to enhance their understanding and appreciation of Zoho Books.

  •  CA Kunal Kumar

    CA Kunal Kumar

    Know More

    Introducing CA Kunal Kumar, an accomplished Chartered Accountant and a partner at T K & Co. in New Delhi. With a passion for leveraging cutting-edge technology such as accounting automation and AI, CA Kunal is dedicated to streamlining financial processes. His exceptional patience and composed demeanor contribute to his prowess as an outstanding educator. CA Kunal has facilitated the transition of over 100 small businesses to Zoho Books, an intuitively designed accounting solution. His teaching portfolio boasts more than 500 individuals, spanning fellow CAs, bookkeepers, and recent graduates. A financial superhero in his own right, he simplifies the intricacies of money management, rendering them comprehensible and manageable for all.

  •  Manuraj Kannanchira

    Manuraj Kannanchira

    Know More

    Manuraj Kannanchira is an accomplished expert in business accounting and taxation, specifically focusing on the UAE and other GCC countries, including VAT and Corporate Tax. He holds the position of Managing Director at Omega Biz Accounting (Dubai), Omega Business and Management Consultancy (Sharjah), and Godwit Brigade LLP (Kerala, India). With a decade of experience, Omega and Godwit have been dedicated to providing a range of accounting services, including Bookkeeping, Internal Auditing, Taxation Services, and Accounting Software Training, across the UAE and GCC region. Their impressive client portfolio encompasses over 500 customers spanning various industries within the GCC. A recognized authority in Accounting and Accounting software, Manuraj has dedicated the past 10 years to software implementation. His expertise covers comprehensive aspects, such as understanding diverse business models, chart of accounts design, opening balance updates, staff training, and facilitating management in generating crucial MIS reports. Throughout his extensive 10-year tenure, he has successfully overseen the implementation and training of over 1000 customers across diverse industrial backgrounds. His pivotal role has led to streamlined accounting processes and empowered businesses with informed decision-making capabilities through insightful MIS reports.

  •  CA Shivam Thakkar

    CA Shivam Thakkar


    Know More

    Shivam Thakkar is a highly skilled Chartered Accountant and Key Managerial Personnel at DSV Academy, with over 7 years of experience delivering exceptional Accounting, Taxation, Payroll, Zoho Implementation, and CFO Services to clients across 15+ countries. His expertise and dedication have garnered him a reputation for excellence. He's played a pivotal role in mentoring and shaping the careers of over 150 trainees, including CAs, CPAs, bookkeepers, finance managers, business owners, and commerce graduates. His commitment to enhancing their accounting skills underscores his passion and knowledge.

  •  Frenil Dsouza

    Frenil Dsouza


    Know More

    Frenil Dsouza is a practicing Chartered Accountant and a partner at Shetty and Dsouza Chartered Accountants in Mangalore. With a diverse background, including roles in multinational corporations focusing on cost control, financial modeling, and ERP implementation, he brings a wealth of expertise to his leadership role in the firm's audit wing. Frenil specializes in statutory audit, internal audit, forensic audits, and data analytics, ensuring strict industry compliance. His credentials include certifications in forensic accounting and sustainability reporting. Alongside his fervent dedication to training, he holds a record of enlightening over 16,000 students. Actively involved in ISTD and Toastmasters International, Frenil Dsouza is a respected trailblazer, driving positive change within the finance realm.

  •  Hari V

    Hari V

    GoBisz Zoho Solutions.

    Know More

    Hari is an accounts and finance expert with a robust practical background in cloud accounting. He currently manages a virtual accounting firm and heads a training institute, GoBisz Zoho Solutions. The company specializes in providing virtual bookkeeping, Virtual CFO services, and Zoho training to clients both in India and abroad. As a certified trainer and partner of the Zoho finance platform, Hari has successfully trained over 1000 participants in cloud accounting and completed more than 100 Zoho Books and Inventory implementations across a diverse range of industries worldwide. He also serves as a guest faculty member for several colleges and universities, where he delivers lectures on Cloud accounting and implementations.

  • CA Lakshmi Nalledath Palat

    CA Lakshmi Nalledath Palat

    Know More

    Lakshmi Nalledath Palat, a Chartered Accountant, specialises in ERP implementations, business advisory and tax planning services for SMEs and start-ups. Her passion for accounting and knowledge about various compliances made her assist many corporates to train their resources on accounting platforms of Zoho. She has been consulted by many organisations to understand the optimal way of using Zoho finance products for their businesses. Over 100 organizations in 11 countries have been trained by her on Zoho Books.

  • CA Nikita Joshi

    CA Nikita Joshi

    Know More

    CA Nikita Joshi is a dynamic and accomplished Chartered Accountant who earned her qualification in 2016. With a dedication to continuous learning and professional development, Nikita holds esteemed post-qualification certifications including Concurrent Audit Certification, Zoho Books Professional Certification, and a Diploma in Information Systems Audit (DISA). With a strong foundation in accounting principles and advanced certifications, Nikita specialises in Zoho Books Accounting, offering unparalleled expertise in managing financial records and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, her adeptness in Trademark compliance further enhances the comprehensive services she provides to clients. Beyond her professional services, Nikita is a passionate educator who conducts engaging workshops, including Tax Saving workshops tailored for corporates. She also offers Zoho Books Online courses, empowering individuals and businesses to harness the full potential of this powerful accounting software.

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  • Students with a commerce background
  • Working professionals looking for a career change
  • Business owners
  • Banking professionals, accountants and auditors
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