Customer Satisfaction Surveys

It is rewarding when businesses are aware of customers' satisfaction with a product. Customers too, would feel encouraged to contribute to surveys when they know businesses value their opinions. Customer satisfaction surveys are used for that purpose; to promote collaboration while measuring customer satisfaction.

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  • In the world of business, there is a golden rule: "Always listen to your customers". The world will never stop changing, with businesses always evolving to suit new needs and provide ever-essential services. What remains constant though, is the consumer, the one voice that trumps all else.

    With the advent and expansive growth of social media, opinions and ideas spread like wildfire. Customers' perception of your brand, their happiness and satisfaction are key influencers of your growth and future. But we all know that that is easier said than done. The sheer number of customers one would have, makes this an arduous enough task, let alone analyzing all that data and getting actionable insights.

    The solution is simple: use a survey, Zoho Survey! Ask the right questions to the people who matter the most, gather the crucial data you need and use Zoho Survey to run your business better. Create your survey with ease, deploy/integrate it across multiple platforms and share it with your customers. Use our intelligent reporting and powerful analytics to derive actionable results. Escalate them to the relevant teams and set targets to satisfy your customers and grow your business.

    Let's take a closer look at the key areas where Zoho Survey can help you understand your consumers better.

  • Product Satisfaction

    Ask existing consumers what they think about your product. Are they happy with the pricing? Is the UI/UX interactive and seamless? Is the product easy to use and does it meet their expectations and requirements? Does your product offer value-for-money? Does the product have frequent bugs and downtime? Do they have any other suggestions? Do they think your competitors have an upper hand?

    Your products matter only if your customers like them and continue using them. You need to ensure you deliver as promised and a non-intrusive, well-placed and well-drafted survey can not only give you valuable feedback, but also earn you brownie points for showing your customers how much you care about what they have to say. Through such surveys you can also reach out to earlier customers who may have stopped using your product/service. Perhaps, you can re-acquire old customers by fixing issues they faced and engaging in meaningful conversation.

  • Website Review

    Even before potential clients see your product/s or service, they view your website. Asking them about their experience with your website, its navigation, UI, design and aesthetics is a great way to gauge if you're heading in the right direction. Moreover, it gives you context to analyze various metrics like bounce rates, CTRs, conversion rates etc. You can pin-point specific flaws and weak spots and improve on them. Give that latest landing page campaign an added advantage!

  • Beta Test Review

    Before launching a new product or a new feature, ask your existing customers what they think about it. Will the new product address an existing problem or hole in the industry? Will the new feature/s serve any useful purpose? In addition, the beta version can be shared with them and their opinions surveyed. In that way, you strengthen your bond with them by showing them that you trust and value their opinions and ideas, while at the same time refining your latest innovation!

  • Customer Loyalty

    Identify customers' loyalty to your brand and if they would recommend it to others. Use NPS® to measure the loyalty of your customers and gauge how good your relationship is with them. Identify customers who might act as brand ambassadors in their individual circles. Strengthen your connection with them and capitalize on their loyalty to your brand. At the same time, listen to what the others have to say and try to win their allegiance by resolving their complaints.

  • Customer Service Satisfaction

    Post sales, product support is the key to keeping customers satisfied and happy. Product/technical support must not only be effective and efficient in resolving issues, but at the same time ensure that the customer experience is par excellence. Ask customers what they think about your support. Is the complaint resolution quick and effective? Was the support rep too technical? Was the experience satisfactory? Loop in support teams so as to help them improve wherever necessary. Apart from support, also ask your customers about other services like logistics (wherever applicable) and speed of response. On the whole, is the customer service satisfactory? That is a key performance indicator of the success of your business.

  • Partner/Vendor Satisfaction

    In many cases your business will not only sell to customers but also deal with partners, vendors and resellers. Ensuring that they are happy, and listening to what they have to say goes a long way in boosting sales.

    Keeping tabs on your customers' sentiments through surveys lets you stay on top of your game. You can look at specific aspects as well have a holistic perspective. Not only that, but you can also show them some love by offering incentives to those who take surveys, which in turn cements their association with your business.

    The bottom line is that with Zoho Survey, in all its diversity and versatility, you can interact with your customers and keep them happy. Which, for a business, is like hitting the jackpot.