Customer satisfaction survey

  • To remain viable in the world of business, you have to stay connected to your customers. Understanding the public perception of your company and listening to the needs of your customers will keep you nimble and responsive enough to survive and thrive, no matter what.


    It would be a tall order, if not for Zoho Survey. Now you can ask the right questions to the people who matter most. Zoho Survey allows you to easily create and send surveys, then gather and parse specific information about your customers. Publish and share insights gained through intelligent reporting with your customers, showcasing your responsiveness and increasing customer loyalty and retention.


    Let's take a closer look at the key areas where Zoho Survey can help you understand your consumers better.

  • Product satisfaction surveys

    Ask existing consumers what they think about your product. Your products only matter if your customers like them and continue using them. A non-intrusive, well-placed, and well-drafted survey can both provide valuable feedback and earn brownie points for showing your customers that you care what they have to say. Through such surveys you can also reach out to earlier customers who may have stopped using your product/service. Re-acquiring old customers is a viable option when you engage in meaningful conversation and resolve their issues.

  • Product development surveys

    Before launching a new product or feature, ask your existing customers what they think about it. Will the new product address an existing problem, or fill a niche in your industry? Will the new feature serve a useful purpose? Share a beta version with them and survey their opinions. Strengthen the bond with your customers by showing them that you trust and value their opinions and ideas, while refining your latest innovations.

  • Customer loyalty measurement

    Identify customer loyalty to your brand and see if they would recommend you to others. Use NPS® to gauge how good your relationship is with them. Identify customers with the potential to act as brand ambassadors in their individual circles. Strengthen your connections and maximize on customer loyalty.

  • Customer service satisfaction surveys

    Product support is the key to keeping customers satisfied and happy. Your support must not only be effective and efficient, but also create an excellent customer experience. Ask customers what they think about your support. Is the complaint resolution quick and effective? Was the support rep too technical? Was the experience satisfactory? Loop in support teams to help them improve.

  • Your satisfaction

    Keeping tabs on other elements in the market ecosystem gives you a holistic perspective of the successes available to you. Zoho Survey helps you keep them happy. Which, for a business, is like hitting the jackpot.