Customer Feedback Survey


Customer Feedback Survey

What do your customers think about your product? Are they satisfied with it? Find out by taking a customer feedback survey with Zoho Survey.

  • Customer feedback is the marketing process of gathering customers' opinions about the business, its products, and services. In addition to helping marketers more fully understand their customers' opinions, customer feedback data can provide a wealth of information that can help a company determine how it can improve its product and customer experience.


    There are many advantages for a business to collect customer feedback. The following are just a few: 

    1. It can measure customer satisfaction: It can help you measure whether your product or service meets the customers' expectations. Customer satisfaction can be easily measured with rating-scale questions and analytics.

    2. It can help improve a product or service: You can learn if your product or service is lacking when you receive negative feedback from your customers. They can tell you exactly what is inconvenient for them and may even make suggestions for improvement.

    3. It helps improve customer loyalty: Using customer feedback and suggestions  to improve your product or service adds value because it lets  your customers know that their opinion matters to you. Your customers will notice when you change your product or service to meet their expectations and demands.

    4. It helps with decision-making: You can use your customers' feedback to give you insight into their opinions about your product or service. An NPS survey can help you in this regard, as you make your business decisions. Strategic decisions such as whether you should discontinue a product or not can be made based on the negative comments you receive. It can also help you decide what kind of improvements you should be making to the product.


    One of the most popular and effective ways to obtain customer feedback is through the use of surveys.


    Phone calls and personal interviews can discourage people from being open with their opinion. Whereas, while privately completing a survey, people tend to be more honest.


    Surveys can be either brief or comprehensive, and are easy to make, send out, and analyze. Most surveys can be built online--by using tools like Zoho Survey, you can create an online survey very easily and send it out to all your contacts and customers. You can also embed a short survey on your site.

  • Things to keep in mind to create a good customer feedback survey

    Keep it short: Customer feedback surveys should be kept as short and simple as possible. You don’t want to irritate or bore your customers with endless questions.


    Ask relevant questions: You should ask questions that are relevant and that lead only to answers you will use. Irrelevant questions may create irate customers. While they might have been happy with your product, being asked irrelevant questions may cause them to be harsher with their opinion than they initially intended. This, in turn, may skew your data.


    Ask one question at a time: Asking multiple questions at a time can be off-putting to customers. For example, “Is this the first time you have used our product? How did you hear about it? Were you satisfied with it?” If the questions were put this way, it could possibly make the customer feel as though they were being interrogated, and could result in the survey being abandoned.


    Don't ask leading questions: It won't be useful to lead customers to a particular answer that you are looking for by framing a question in a certain manner. For example, "What do you think of this amazing feature we have added to the product?" Here you are already telling the respondents that the feature is good and that they'd better agree with you.

  • Customer feedback surveys are made easy with Zoho Survey

    Zoho Survey understands the importance of a good customer feedback survey. We want to make sure you ask all the right questions in the right manner, and we want you to be able to make sense of the data you collect, so you can use it to make future business decisions.


    You  can modify and add questions to any of the survey templates to suit your needs. The templates also offer wording suggestions and will help you frame your questions. In short, these templates will save you a lot of valuable time, and will provide you with the information you need to help you grow your company.