Test drive feedback survey

The test drive is a crucial step in the process of buying a vehicle and, with intense competition for every sale in the auto industry, it's important for sellers to analyze every touchpoint in a customer's journey.

Capturing feedback after test drives helps sellers evaluate several aspects of the buying process, such as the courteousness of the staff, the buyer's overall impression of the brand, and their first impressions of the driving experience and comfort level in the selected vehicle. Ultimately, the goal is to understand how these factors influence purchasing decisions and how the process can be improved to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

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Why you need a test drive feedback survey

A test drive can make or break a customer's buying decision. This is the moment when a driver fully experiences what the vehicle has to offer. Test drive surveys empower you to see your product from your customers' perspective. What are they thinking? How do they feel? Use their feedback to understand the key strengths of your vehicles and selling process and identify opportunities for improvement.

Test Drive Feedback Survey


Who was the sales consultant?

How satisfied are you with our company’s team that is/was servicing your account?

Analyze perceptions of product quality

Gather first-hand customer feedback on various aspects of the vehicle, enabling manufacturers to identify issues, such as mechanical problems, discomfort during driving, or safety concerns. Use these surveys to understand how buyers think about specific features, such as performance, comfort, and ergonomics. This feedback can help guide the development of product design and marketing messages.

Use competitive benchmarks

Test drive surveys can help you perform comparative analysis. See how drivers' opinions of your vehicles compare to competitors, study market preferences, and find the best ways to promote your products. This helps you keep up with evolving customer expectations and preferences.

Boost customer satisfaction

A test drive is a key moment that can shape the customer's views of your brand and product. Don't underestimate this opportunity to boost customers' overall satisfaction and build or retain their loyalty. Surveys can help you create an enjoyable and engaging test drive experience that leaves a lasting positive impression.

Increase sales and conversions

A successful test drive can help establish a long-term relationship between a customer and your brand. In addition to closing the sale, there may be opportunities to add upgrades, accessories, and warranties or maintenance service packages. Surveys help drive sales and customer loyalty by providing insight into the questions and concerns buyers have while making their decisions.