There are a few points you need to follow to ensure you are writing a top-notch questionnaire.

We have listed nine of them below:

  1. Keep survey questions neutral
  2. Try to keep open-ended questions to a minimum
  3. Keep a balanced answer set
  4. Don't force an answer
  5. Avoid using the same question type repeatedly
  6. Pay attention to the order of your questions
  7. Let questions be optional
  8. Consider using supplementary questions
  9. Run a test survey

Let's try to discuss these in detail, shall we?

The art of taking a good survey lies in a balancing act—you have to ensure that your questions are answered truthfully while providing respondents with an easy survey-taking experience.

Remember, the better the surveys are, the better the responses that will pour in. So apply these practices while creating your next survey!


Sangeeta BoseContent Writer - Zoho Survey

Posted on: June 29, 2020

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