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Anatomy of Your Brand's Awareness

Surveys can give you a picture of the quality of customers' knowledge and opinions on the brand, or any actionable information to help you improve. Knowing your brand doesn't imply that they perceive it the way you'd like or with the depth you'd prefer. Those criteria, perception and depth, might make or break your brand. And your survey needs to be tailored to quantitively identify them for you.

There are three facets of brand awareness: identity, attributes and equity. They are indispensable if you'd like a complete picture of your brand and together they give you actionable insights to your marketing and branding team.

Build a Brand Identity

Building a brand starts by carefully choosing its identity. Successful brands have a great brand identity and awareness. Your brand identity sets you apart from the crowd. It sends subtle signals to your customers regarding your personality, capabilities, and style. People also tend to buy more from brands that they personally identify with.

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Identify Your Brand's Attributes

You decide the brand identity, your customers decide its attributes. Your customers interact with your brand's elements and experience the identity that you gave it. These interactions result in the customers giving your brand a personality with various attributes. The closer your brand identity is with the brand's attributes, the better connected you are with your customers.

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Measure Your Brand Equity

A direct result of your brand awareness is the brand equity. Brand equity is the monetary value that marketers attribute to a brand. Customers value consistency and quality. The more the customers love your brand, the more brand equity it has. Higher awareness of your brand can also improve your brand's equity.

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Research Panels

Sometimes, you need more answers than your contacts can give you. To reach more respondents you could consider using a research panel. They are groups of verified people, with varied cultural, demographics and geographic backgrounds, who would be willing to be part of your research.

Zoho Survey's Buy Responses feature helps you pick a panel based on demographic, economic, and geographic attributes, and quickly collect responses for your research.

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Build Your Brand Loyalty

A sustained positive brand experience can result in a customer loyalty. Loyal customers tend to go the extra mile to find your brand's products. Also, they spread the word. People who love your brand talk about your brand and recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Build your brand's loyal customers.