Real estate agent feedback survey

The real estate business can be tough, but rewarding. Reach out to your clients directly to learn what they liked about working with your agents and gather data to improve the client experience. Increase brand awareness and update your marketing strategies to boost leads and increase revenue.

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Why are real estate agent feedback surveys important?

Real estate agent feedback surveys help you evaluate your agents’ performance. They shed light on your client’s expectations and help you minimize their pain points. Getting timely feedback from your clients will help you deliver exceptional services.

Real estate agent feedback survey

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Find out how you can grow your real estate business

Use the real estate agent feedback survey template to learn about your brokerage’s operations from the client’s point of view. Get feedback from your clients on how satisfied they are with your agents. Understand what you’re doing right and what needs to be improved, and gain deeper insights into your clients’ needs and expectations. This will help you tweak your marketing and branding strategies for optimal results.

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Understand your agents

Learn whether your agents have the skills to understand client needs and come up with appropriate solutions. Assess an agent’s problem solving ability, awareness of current and emerging real estate trends, negotiation skills, friendliness, and promptness.

Do your listing agents consult with a real estate appraiser to determine appropriate pricing? Do they create persuasive content on property listing sites to help the seller strike a good deal?

Do your buyer’s agents get the necessary data from the client, like mortgage status and employment status, before setting out to find the right property? Are the agents able to find properties that satisfy the clients’ preferences while staying within their budgets?

Find the answers to these questions to improve the quality of the services you provide.

Identify your strengths and shortcomings

Determine what makes a client move forward with a buyer’s or listing agreement. Were they impressed by your agent’s professionalism and good nature? Was it the familiarity with your brand that made them trust you? Know what you’re doing right and keep it up.

It’s also helpful to know why clients change their minds at the last minute. Was their agent not available when needed? Perhaps, they were expecting a personalized concierge service, or maybe they wanted to deal with a broker. Learn what keeps clients from moving forward with your brokerage so you can rectify problems immediately.

Create specific marketing strategies for your brokerage

Identify what types of properties the majority of clients are interested in. This will help you create specific marketing strategies for different types of properties in both commercial and private spaces. You’ll also know if there’s a need to expand horizons by exchanging data through an MLS (multiple listing service) database, if you aren’t doing that already.

Identify high-traffic sources

People might learn about your agency through different channels like, Facebook ads, Google ads, review sites, or recommendations from other people. Identify which channel has been the most effective in bringing you traffic, and mould your marketing/advertising strategy accordingly.

Calculate your agency’s NPS score

Find out how likely your clients are to promote your brokerage or agency to their friends and family.