Business Partnership Survey

A great partnership is key to mutual growth. Use business partnership surveys to obtain reliable feedback on your business partners’ needs and preferences, and identify the qualities that make your services stand out. Asking the right questions can help you strengthen your partnership strategy and identify the keys to successful business partnerships.

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Importance of partnership surveys for your business

In the current economic landscape, it’s essential to seek different avenues of revenue growth actively. Forming loyal business partnerships is a strategic and powerful approach to upscaling your services.

Business Partnership Survey

How satisfied are you with our company’s team that is/was servicing your account?

How would you rate the way the account manager handled your account?

Define the journey

To establish a strong partnership, it is important to understand the various touchpoints a partner encounters during their journey. Partnership surveys can help you develop and deploy smooth onboarding experiences, and more seamless and impactful partner journeys.

Partner profiling

Empower your business and promote multi-sector growth by creating dynamic partner resources. Surveys can help you profile your partners by their business backgrounds, demographics, service areas, and expertise. From there, you can effectively segment your clients based on partner type to provide them with more tailored services.

Cultivate productivity

A well-crafted partner journey can lead to more productive partnerships for your business. Create a comprehensive ecosystem for your partners by identifying their pain points and addressing them promptly. This improves the chances of success for client accounts managed by your partners.

Team building

Partner team-building is one way you can make sure your integrated services reach the right customers at the right time. Have regular check-ins with your partner teams and analyze data strategically to ensure your partners are aligned with your business objectives.

Best practices for a business partnership survey

Keep it simple

The best way to encourage complete survey responses is to build surveys that are straightforward and easy to understand. Overly-complicated questions may drive away your respondents or impact the quality of their answers.

Keep it short

Being respectful of your respondents’ time is crucial for ensuring a high completion rate. Completed survey responses are essential for gaining insights into any critical issue you may be facing.

Use multiple question types

Extract data and gain insightful responses with simple matrix and rating scale questions. These types of questions enable your respondents to provide answers quickly and effectively.

Keep it open-ended

Asking open-ended questions with text box fields provides opportunities for your partners to express themselves more effectively. But keep in mind, these questions should be used sparingly, as respondents can become frustrated when asked to write too many lengthy answers.