Car purchase satisfaction survey

Buying a new car can be an exhilarating experience, filled with the thrill of new features, the comfort of updated interiors, and the pride of ownership. Our car purchase satisfaction survey template is designed to help you learn about your customers’ buying experience, from the first showroom visit to after-sales service appointments. Use data to enhance customer loyalty and drive repeat business.

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Why is gauging car purchase satisfaction so important?

Understanding car purchase satisfaction helps you assess your sales strategies and refine the car-buying experience. Gain insights into what customers loved, what they felt was lacking, and how you can improve to ensure every customer drives away with a smile.

Car Purchase Satisfaction Survey

Are you satisfied with the overall buying experience at [Motor Dealer name]?

What was the delivery time offered by [Dealer name]?

Was the delivery made as promised?


Drive the car buying journey forward with surveys

Before a customer drives away with a new car, numerous interactions and experiences influence their purchase decision. From the moment they step into the showroom to the post-purchase follow-up, consumers are forming opinions that can reshape your business strategy. Surveys act as a bridge connecting customer sentiments to actionable improvements.

Drive the car buying journey forward with surveys
Showroom experience

Gather feedback on the atmosphere and accessibility of your showroom, and the variety of cars on display. Was the showroom easy to locate? Were the cars showcased in a manner that allowed easy viewing and comparisons?

Sales staff feedback

Find out how knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful your sales staff was. Did they explain the car's features in detail? Were they attentive to the customer's needs?

Test drive experience

The test drive is often a crucial factor in the purchase decision. Was the car available for a test drive? How smooth was the process? Did the representative highlight the vehicle's key features during the drive?

Financing and paperwork

Evaluate the ease and transparency of the financing options provided. Were the paperwork and documentation processes streamlined and customer-friendly?

Delivery timeliness

Assess the promptness of car delivery. Were there unnecessary delays? Was the car handed over in the promised condition?

Post-purchase support

Evaluate the quality of after-sales service, availability of spare parts, and responsiveness to any issues or questions raised post-purchase.

Vehicle satisfaction

Delve into specifics about the car itself. Are customers happy with its performance, fuel efficiency, and features? How does it compare to their initial expectations?