Client Portal

Client Portal allows your clients to keep ​track of all the transactions that have taken place between them and your business. Bid goodbye to lengthy emails and collaborate efficiently like never before.

Working in the Client Portal

Enable Client Portal

To enable client portal for your organization, navigate to Gear icon > Organization Profile and click on Enable Client Portal button.

Enabling Client Portal

Client Portal Settings

Follow the steps below to enable the Client Portal for your Zoho Subscriptions account.

Setup client portal 1

Setup client portal 2

Once done, click on Save.

Setup client portal 3

Enable Client Portal automatically

You can enable client portal automatically, only for the customers who subscribe via hosted payment pages.

To enable client portal automatically,

Enable Client Portal automatically

Invite Customers and Contact Persons to the portal

To give access to your clients, you need to individually enable the portal for each contact person associated to a customer. Once they log in to your portal they can view the invoices you have sent them, all on their own. You can collaborate and discuss with your clients on subscriptions and invoices.

The steps to enable the portal for your contact are as follows,

Configure Client Portal

Enable Portal Access Popup

Your customers will be able to log into your portal and make payments to invoices and view subscriptions.

Working in the Client Portal

Your customers can login to the client portal using their email address and the password they created in the previous step.


The first thing that your client will see upon logging into your client portal would be the dashboard which displays important details such as, outstanding invoices and customers’ account and your organization’s details.

Dashboard Client Portal


If integrated with Zoho Books, your clients can view a list of the estimates they’ve received from you. If they are satisfied with the price, they can take your business forward by clicking on the Accept button.​

Clients can also decline an estimate for a better offer by clicking on Decline in the More drop down that is visible once the estimate is selected.

P.S: You can always rework on the declined estimate by clicking on the Edit option provided in your Zoho Books account ​to make a re-offer for your clients.


Your clients can view the list of subscriptions under Subscriptions and the plan name, subscription creation date, amount and status of the subscriptions will be displayed. Clicking on any of the subscriptions will display detailed information related to that subscriptions.

Incase of an offline subscriptions, the customers can pay for it in the Invoices section by filtering the plan.


Canceling a subscription

A subscription can only be canceled from Client Portal, if the cancel subscription option is enabled for them in the portal settings.

To enable the cancel subscription option for your customers,

Cancel subscription enable option

For your customers to cancel a subscription from Client Portal,

Cancel subscription


Your clients can view a list of invoices in the Invoices tab.

​If the invoice is unpaid, they can choose to pay instantly by ​clicking on Pay Now. The client can also filter the list to display a particular type of invoice by clicking on the drop-down above the list.

Invoices 1

Invoices 2

Invoices can be printed, downloaded as PDF’s and can be forwarded to other contacts by your customer from the options provided inside the More drop-down.

Invoices 3

Payments Made

The client can keep track of all the payments made for invoices.



If you had enabled the Allow customers to view projects and timesheets option in the portal settings, an additional module will be made available in your customer’s client portal.

The Projects module in the client portal will list all the projects created for your customer in Zoho Books.

Customer Details

Customer can update and edit their personal details, company details and change their password using the client portal.

Contact Details

The Contact Details section will display the details of their merchant. The customer can email or review you by clicking on the Mail and Review respectively, based on the Portal Settings.

Client's account details

My Company Details

The My Company Details option can be used by customer to edit their personal and company details like name, email, contact number, billing and shipping address and card details.

Client's account details

Client's account details 2

To edit the card/bank details,

Note: You customers can only update their card/bank details and not add a new card or bank account through client portal.

Update card/bank details

Change Password

Customers can change their client portal password by clicking on Change Password button at the bottom-left.

Change Password