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Reduce time, costs, and risks with e-signatures


80% faster document turnaround

Skip delays and avoid hassles by shifting to digital signatures.


$30 per envelope saved

From printing to transportation, save costs at every step of your signing workflow by going paperless.


50+ work hours reduced per employee

Let your best minds work on projects, not on signing workflows. Automate your document signing process to boost accuracy and speed.


,000+ businesses' trusted choice

Sign securely with military-grade encryption, signer authentication methods, and compliance to strict data security regulations.

Paperwork, now paperless

Collecting paper signatures opens businesses to delays, inaccuracies, document mismanagement, and unforeseen risks like document tampering, forged signatures, and data loss. Zoho Sign is a legally valid, secure, and intuitive digital signature app that you can use for absolutely free.

Paperwork, now paperless
  • - yourself from hectic document management
  • - your client meetings of lengthy signing processes
  • - your office space of printers and fax machines
  • - your business from signing expenses

Why Zoho Sign?

Hear from our customers:

"Zoho Sign is a godsend for me and our accounts team. We were using DocuSign at first and it wasn’t cheap. We then trialed Zoho Sign, and it was so simple to use. We now use it for every single deal. Everything changes for every client but we’re able to customize that quite simply within Zoho Sign. It’s made my life as a salesperson easier. Would I recommend it to somebody? If they’re not my competition, absolutely!"

— Alan Lindstrom,

Regional Business Manager, Black Ox

"Sign is one of the best apps! The key is its simplicity. We sell nature cemetery plots where our clients are mostly silver agers. Most of them are ordinary people with little to no IT know-how. Before, we sent our lease agreements by traditional mail or as PDFs via email, and it took on average 10 days to get them printed, signed, scanned, and sent back. Nearly 80% of the scanned documents were useless. It all changed with Zoho Sign! Now, 90% of our clients sign the document digitally. We reduced the contract closing time to 1.5 days. The quality is top, reminders are sent automatically, and we can trace every step. We love it!"

— Axel Baudach,

Chief Executive Officer, Klosterwald

"As a law firm, we've got a lot of legal documents that need to be signed. Zoho Sign gives our staff the power to send those documents directly from the CRM. When the agent or paralegal selects a template, Zoho Sign automatically prefills a lot of information in there, which in a lot of cases makes sending out the CFA or letter of authority a one-click process. It makes the whole experience seamless for both us and the client."

— Melanie Cope Machial,

Head of Marketing and Technology, Barings Law

"As an agency, we sign NDAs, quotes, and project documents for validation continuously, both with clients and collaborators. Every month, we save printing more than 500 pages and 13 hours in all this paperwork. Besides, the process has become very agile. Zoho Sign is a must-have app."

— Nestor Tejero Bermejo,

Chief Executive Officer, Agencia Reinicia

"Zoho's services are excellent! Zoho Sign is very simple; it saves a lot of time and energy. A well thought-out process and platform for online services. It was an extremely beneficial tool during the pandemic for collecting signatures on documents. Totally trustworthy!"

- Priti Bihani,

Associate Vice President Agency, HDFC Life

Did you know that e-signatures and digital signatures are not the same?

In short, digital signatures are a more secure and widely accepted category of e-signatures.

Signatures, as images or stylized text, in an electronic format.Electronic signatures with signer authentication, made tamper-proof using a digital signature certificate.
Legal compliance is subject to regional laws.Widely compliant, but still subject to regional differences.
Signer authentication is optional, insecure, and repudiable.Signer authentication is mandatory and cryptographic at the time of signing, and therefore non-repudiable.

Forget security risks, document turnaround delays, scaling challenges, and human errors. Sign digitally for free with Zoho Sign.

How to get started with Zoho Sign

Create a Zoho Sign account.Sign up with your email address or your Google, Microsoft 365, or LinkedIn account. Set up your account and profile.
Type, draw, or upload an image of your signature.Use our Signature Wizard to generate a digital signature.
Start signing documentsSign documents securely and swiftly with Zoho Sign. Click "Sign Yourself," upload the document, apply the signature field, and auto-fill your digital signature. Save the document for later and download a completion certificate for free.
Collect signatures on documentsGet documents signed by recipients and design signing workflows with signer authentication, automatic reminders, and automatic field detection. Explore signature collection through Zoho Sign.

Sign anywhere, anytime

Install the Zoho Sign native app on Android, iOS, Mac OS, iPad OS, and Windows. Synchronize with cloud backup and sign on the go.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Synergize the power of other apps with Zoho Sign.

Upgrade for more

Upgrade at a nominal price to try:

Reusable templates

Make it once and forget about repetitive document creation with reusable templates. Create a template with recurring fields and recipients, and fill and sign documents by changing field values when necessary.


Convert your documents into public URLs for easy circulation and accessibility.

Bulk send

Send documents to multiple recipients at once without manually filling in the recipient details.

Vernacular signing

Connect with businesses across the globe by enabling the vernacular signing option. View your documents and sign in any of 16 given languages.

Custom branding

From the legal disclosure and email templates to logos and favicons, customize Zoho Sign's features to align with your brand identity. Retain your brand image while signing with Zoho Sign.

Try these features for free with our 14-day Enterprise trial.


  • Is signing digitally safe?

    Digital signatures are absolutely safe, and in fact, they're safer than wet ink signatures. Every digitally signed document contains a unique digital signature, akin to a fingerprint. Digital signatures are created using a cryptographic technique called public key infrastructure (PKI), which ensures that only the sender and signer can view the document's contents.

    In addition to providing a digital signature certificate, Zoho Sign also provides an additional layer of security via signer authentication through SMS, email, regional IDs, and many other methods. Moreover, Zoho Sign is compliant with strict data privacy and security regulations, such as the GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA to name a few. These methods make digitally signing documents with Zoho Sign secure and tamper-proof.

  • Are e-signatures and digital signatures legally valid?

    Electronic and digital signatures are legally valid and admissible in the court of law across most regions. Typically, they are considered legally on par with wet ink signatures. Learn more about the legality of electronic and digital signatures in your region.

  • Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel my plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan whenever you like. Check out our nominally priced plans, which offer a range of features.

  • Where can I use digital signatures?

    From signing legal documents to signing sales orders, the scope and scalability of Zoho Sign is expansive. As a digital signature is a secure, paperless, and quicker alternative to physical signatures, it can be used in most cases where physical signatures are used.

    However, there are some exclusions (i.e., documents or cases where wet ink signatures are necessary). These exclusions vary from country to country. Learn more about cases where electronic and digital signatures are not applicable in your region.

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