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    Case Study

    "We were looking for a digital signature app that is API-driven and would help us link our platform to automate the entire onboarding process. Zoho Sign has significantly increased our operational efficiency and streamlined our onboarding process, eliminating the delays while collecting physical signatures. The platform's 100% paperless signing aligns with our sustainability standards and fully digital environment."

    Heshan from KReader
    Heshan J PeirisFounder and CTO, KReader
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    Case Study
    Di Donato Tax Service Inc.

    "Zoho Sign speeds up the process of filing clients' tax returns, and it is more convenient for our clients too. Even clients who are new to electronic signing are usually able to understand once we talk them through the signing process using Zoho Sign."

    Gina from Di Donato Tax Service Inc.
    Gina Di DonatoPresident, Di Donato Tax Service Inc.
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    Case Study

    "Zoho Sign has made our document management more efficient, clear, and accessible globally, fixing the problems we had before we started using it. Zoho Sign gives us one place to manage all our important documents and contracts. Now, it's much simpler to know what's happening with our documents, making our workflow smoother and helping projects stay on track. We have also had positive experiences with the customer support."

    Vinay from OceanFrogs Software
    Vinay MehendirattaChief Executive Officer, OceanFrogs Software
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    Case Study
    Enfermeria Integrada

    "Zoho Sign has become our ally to maintain our main purpose, which is to be a sustainable company that guarantees its work through triple impact thinking: economic, social and environmental. All our systems are based on Zoho, and that guarantees sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint through paperless signing processes. Zoho Sign has allowed us to provide added value to our processes, such as signing using digital signatures with data encryption standards that are accepted by our patient users and health service providers as a guarantee of veracity in our records."

    Cristian from Enfermeria Integrada
    Cristian Fabian MustafaOwner, Enfermeria Integrada
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    Case Study

    "Zoho Sign does all that is needed in digital signing. Our signing process is very easy now and we can also easily manage the documents. Moreover, it is part of the Zoho One package."

    Chun Huang from BeCreative360
    Chun HuangSupport Specialist, BeCreative360
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    Case Study
    Flint Ferkin Agency

    "I used DocuSign often, since many of the carriers use them for their applications. But with Zoho Sign, the process is fast, secure, and inexpensive, and as a bonus, it's often easier for the clients. Since using Zoho One, I can create templates and mail merge documents on other Zoho apps that can be sent directly for signatures via Zoho Sign. This makes my work so easy."

    Flint from Ferkin Agency
    Flint Jay FerkinOwner, Ferkin Agency
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    Case Study
    Boyd Entertainment

    "I tried DocuSign, Panda Sign, Adobe Sign, and a few others that I don't remember. But Zoho Sign has made it a single-click signing process. I can even accelerate the signing process by automating the signing workflows with other Zoho products. I am even more excited to start implementing workflows and automations throughout the Zoho family of products to trigger various actions when a document signing process is completed."

    Vince from Boyd Entertainment
    Vince BoydOwner and Operator, Boyd Entertainment
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    Aventura Mattress

    "Zoho goes beyond expectations. I have been a Zoho Specialist for two years now and I can say that Google Docs is not as organised as Zoho is. Zoho has Zoho Sign using which you can automatically send all your documents to someone that you want them to be signed by. It's very easy to use and is something that doesn't actually exist in other platforms."

    Nash Tauto-anZoho Specialist, Aventura Mattress
    Black OX

    "Zoho Sign is a godsend for me and our accounts team. We were using DocuSign at first and it wasn’t cheap. We then trialled Zoho Sign and it was so simple to use. We now use it for every single deal. Everything changes for every client but we’re able to bespoke that quite simply within Zoho Sign. It’s made my life as a salesperson easier. Would I recommend it to somebody? If they’re not my competition, absolutely!"

    Alan LindstromRegional Business Manager, Black Ox
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    Case Study
    Klosterwald Verwaltungs GmbH

    "Sign is one of the best apps! The key is its simplicity. We are in the cemetery business. We sell nature cemetery plots where our clients are mostly silver agers. Most of them are ordinary people with little-to-no IT know-how. Before we sent our lease agreements by traditional mail or as PDF via email and it took on average 10 days to get them printed, signed, scanned, and sent back. Nearly 80% of the scanned documents were useless. It all changed with Zoho Sign! Now, 90% of our clients sign the document in a digital way. We reduced the contract closing time to 1.5 days. The quality is top, reminders are sent automatically, and we can trace every step. We love it!"

    Axel Baudach
    Axel BaudachChief Executive Officer, Klosterwald
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    "We use Zoho CRM to manage our customers. We opted for Zoho Sign to get onboarding agreements signed and the whole process started taking less than two minutes to complete."

    Shreyash KhandelwalFounder and Managing Partner, Recoversy
    HDFC Life

    "Zoho's services are excellent! Zoho Sign is very simple, it saves lot of time and energy. A well-thought process and designed platform for online services. It was an extremely beneficial tool during the pandemic for collecting signatures on documents. Totally trustworthy!"

    Priti BihaniAssociate Vice President Agency, HDFC Life
    Vault Personnel Logo

    "Zoho Sign has saved us time when it comes to document processing. With the time saved, we're able to support our clients better in terms of culture designing, product branding, and manage more strategic bases."

    Stephanie ChuaFounder and Principal Consultant, Vault Personnel
    Case Study
    CareSight LLC

    "Zoho Sign has allowed me as a leader to be more efficient when onboarding new employees, contractors, and partners. I had used EchoSign for many years, predating the acquisition by Adobe. The product had become inflexible, difficult to use, and was expensive for what it was. As users of several other Zoho products, it made sense to then look at Zoho Sign, especially because of the integration options, but also the inclusion in Zoho One."

    Kenny from CareSight
    Kenny SchiffFounder and Managing Partner, CareSight LLC
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    MT Solucoes

    "After we implemented signing with Zoho Sign for customers to sign our commercial proposals and contracts, we reduced more than 90% of the problems we had with poorly signed proposals, non-standard contracts, and customers not properly filling out our forms. We are really pleased with the operational gains we have had at our company."

    Mateus ToledoChief Executive Officer, MT Solucoes
    Case Study

    "Zoho Sign is a solution that all HR professionals should implement and use, especially when you’re dealing with the endless list of documents to be signed by candidates. It frees up a lot of your time to pursue more strategic matters. Plus, everything becomes so much more organized and efficient."

    Aaron from Aplikasi
    Aaron Syarif HakimHead of SAP Resourcing, Aplikasi
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    Small Business Trends

    "We started sending out quotes using Zoho Sign. It made a huge difference in getting paid faster. What used to take days, now takes hours to get a signature back."

    Anita CampbellChief Executive Officer, smallbiztrends.com
    Agencia Reinicia

    "As an agency, we sign NDAs, quotes, and project documents for validation continuously, both with clients and collaborators. Every month, we save printing more than 500 pages and 13 hours in all this paperwork. Besides, the process has become very agile. Definitely, Zoho Sign is a must-have app."

    Nestor Tejero BermejoChief Executive Officer, Agencia Reinicia
    National Framework Partnership

    "We have two companies that have both signed up to Zoho One. I just wanted to add that we really like Zoho Sign as it's far better than Adobe."

    Mark HarrisonFramework Manager, National Framework Partnership
    Warmington Apartment Communities

    "We have switched over from DocuSign due to corporate changes, and I have to say that Zoho Sign's system is quite user friendly."

    Anjanette AnthonyOffice Administrator, Warmington Apartment Communities - Nevada Division
    ReeDefined Executive Coaching

    "I think Zoho Sign is absolutely what I needed. It's simplicity and intuitive interface allows my workflow, albeit very small, to run smoothly."

    Colin ReedExecutive Coach, ReeDefined Executive Coaching
    Talcott Company

    "I love Zoho Sign! It is so easy to use on both ends. It has made getting signatures and payment from my clients 1000% easier and complete."

    Allison VieiraOffice Manager, Talcott Company

    "Zoho Sign is an excellent tool that facilitates legal processes. Users can sign several documents in a single click."

    Juan Vinay ChenJava Software Engineer, Adveritas
    Glide Invest

    "The workflow process provided for signing documents in Zoho Sign is very easy to setup and understand."

    Jaideep THead of Product, Glide Invest
    Golfland Entertainment Centers

    "Zoho Sign possibly has one of the best eSignature APIs out there."

    Tony JonesMarketing Director, Golfland Entertainment Centers