OceanFrogs opted for Zoho Sign as its swift, cost-efficient, and globally accessible electronic signature solution.

Meet Vinay Mehendiratta

Hello, I am Vinay Mehendiratta. I'm the chief executive officer of OceanFrogs Software Inc.

What does my organization do?

OceanFrogs Software is a technographic data provider that analyzes markets and offers competitive intelligence for our clients' tech platforms. Our company is based out of Georgia, US.

How do we do it?

At OceanFrogs, we help go-to-market teams build top-of-the-funnel marketing strategies and close customer deals faster by providing them with the necessary technological and marketing data.

The Problem

Before using Zoho Sign, OceanFrogs Software encountered a few challenges.

"Using old-fashioned ways to get signatures caused delays in closing deals, especially in the fast-paced software industry. Dealing with signed documents from people in different places was tricky when we depended on physical signatures," says Vinay.

Lack of centralized management for signed documents also caused issues for the business.

"It was hard to keep track of important documents, contracts, and agreements, which sometimes caused slowdowns in our work and project schedules."

The Solution

"By using Zoho Sign, we have made some positive changes," states Vinay.

"Zoho Sign helps us get electronic signatures fast, replacing our erstwhile slow and manual methods. This is especially great for our company, which is in the software industry, where deals happen swiftly."

Vinay continues, "Zoho Sign gives us one place to manage all our important documents and contracts. Now, it's much simpler to know what's happening with our documents, making our workflow smoother and helping projects stay on track." He adds, "Thanks to Zoho Sign's electronic signatures, we can manage documents from people all around the world. It's made the whole process easier and removed the hassle of relying on physical signatures."

For OceanFrogs, the benefits go beyond the software itself. "Zoho Sign is more affordable than other electronic signature options," Vinay says, adding, "We have also had positive experiences with the customer support."

Considering all aspects of the software, he concludes, "In short, Zoho Sign has made our document management more efficient, clear, and accessible globally, fixing the problems we had before we started using it."

Benefits and ROI

Five reasons why OceanFrogs Software loves using Zoho Sign:

  • Usable worldwide
  • Centralized document management
  • Swift signing process
  • Cost-efficient
  • Integrates well with the Zoho suite of apps

Looking Forward

Vinay enjoys using Zoho products, especially Zoho Sign. He appreciates how quickly documents are signed with Zoho Sign without any security risks or management hassles. He looks forward to continue using the app and other Zoho product integrations.

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