KReader chose Zoho Sign for its powerful APIs and seamless user experience.

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  • Heshan J Peiris
    MEETHeshan J Peiris
  • OCCUPATIONFounder and CTO
  • INDUSTRYEducation
  • Size1-20 employees
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Meet Heshan J Peiris

I'm Heshan J Peiris, the founder and CTO of KReader.

What does my organization do?

KReader is a subscription-based digital reading framework for Sri Lankan vernaculars, based in Sri Lanka.

How do we do it?

We provide ebooks, audio books, AI-based text-to-speech with emotions, and text-to-sign-language services in Sri Lankan local languages for our users. We aim to give them a personalized and inclusive reading experience.

The Challenge

Before using Zoho Sign, KReader faced issues when it came to document volume, ease of use, and scalability.

"We have digital publishing agreements with writers to get the IP rights for their content," explains Heshan. "As we had to sign each work individually, we had to wait for writers to visit our office or receive signed agreements via post. Due to this, we fell back on our monthly content acquisition KPIs. That's when we knew that we had to go digital," he says.

Having used alternatives such as DocuSign and Adobe Acrobat Sign, challenges persisted for KReader. Heshan continues, "Some of the signature software we tested were highly complex, which made it difficult to adopt considering the users with less technological exposure."

He was searching for a comprehensive digital signature tool. "We also wanted to scale up our framework to sign several thousand agreements per month. We were looking for a digital signature app that is API-driven and would help us link our platform to automate the entire onboarding process."

The Solution

"Zoho Sign has proven to be an invaluable service, combining versatility, security, and ease of use to meet our diverse document signing needs," states Heshan.

He further adds, "Zoho Sign has significantly increased our operational efficiency and streamlined our onboarding process, eliminating the delays while collecting physical signatures. The platform's 100% paperless signing aligns with our sustainability standards and fully digital environment."

Glad to have found an all-encompassing digital signature solution, Heshan says, "One of the standout advantages that Zoho Sign offers is flexibility. It allows us to amend, recall, and cancel documents easily, while still ensuring accuracy and compliance. The platform's robust cloud backup, security, brand customizations, and API integration capabilities also enhance our overall efficiency. Moreover, Zoho Sign's intuitive interface and signing process create a positive user experience, making it the preferred choice for our company."

Benefits and ROI

Five reasons why KReader loves using Zoho Sign:

  • Time-saving
  • Simple and fair pricing
  • API integration and well-documented API details
  • Ability to recall and amend documents
  • Intuitive interface

Looking Forward

Heshan is satisfied switching to Zoho Sign after trying out other alternatives. KReader now has expanded the use of Zoho Sign across all its documentation processes.

"Zoho Sign is now an integral part of our broader documentation framework. We now utilize the platform for a range of documents, including employee appointment letters, NDAs, board papers, and more," he says.

Heshan anticipates using more features and reaping additional benefits from the platform.

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