Enfermeria Integrada chose Zoho Sign as a secure, legally compliant, and paperless signing solution for its business.

Meet Cristian Fabian Mustafa

Hey, I am Cristian Fabian Mustafa. I am the founder and CEO of Enfermeria Integrada SRL (Integrated Nursing Ltd. Co), situated in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

What does my organization do?

Enfermeria Integrada is a health consulting and healthcare services company. We provide services such as nursing and consultations.

How do we do it?

We design strategies, align policies with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and identify and nurture new niches in healthcare services for our clients.

The Problem

Enfermeria Integrada was concerned about the data privacy and security of patient medical information during signing.

"As a healthcare services company, it is very important for us to have data integrity," explains Mustafa. "This integrity has to be guaranteed through extreme security measures because we operate with extremely confidential information, such as patient medical records and summaries of care plans."

The Solution

"Zoho Sign aligned with our social, economic, and environmental vision."

With Zoho Sign's military-grade encryption methods, Enfermeria Integrada could collect signatures without worries of document tampering or data privacy and security breaches.

"Zoho Sign has allowed us to provide added value to our processes, such as signing using digital signatures with data encryption standards that are accepted by our patient users and health service providers as a guarantee of veracity in our records."

Further, Mustafa found that Zoho Sign, and Zoho at large, align perfectly with his organizational vision.

"Zoho Sign has become our ally to maintain our main purpose, which is to be a sustainable company that guarantees its work through triple impact thinking: economic, social and environmental. All our systems are based on Zoho, and that guarantees sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint through paperless signing processes."

Benefits and ROI

Five reasons why Enfermeria Integrada loves using Zoho Sign:

  • Secure signing with military-grade encryption
  • Confidential management of medical records
  • Paperless and eco-friendly
  • Alignment with the organizational vision
  • Legally compliant with strict data security and privacy regulations

Looking Forward

For Enfermeria Integrada, adopting Zoho Sign meant no more worrying about data breaches or carbon footprints generated via paperwork. In the future, Mustafa and his company hope to explore other Zoho products along with Zoho Sign.

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